The US President Donald trump said about the possibility of a great military conflict with North Korea on the background of the development of Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs. However, Washington prefers to resolve the situation by diplomatic means, said the American leader.

About this trump told the Reuters in the oval office on the eve of 100 days in office (on Saturday, April 29). “There’s a chance that we can finish a big, big conflict with North Korea. Of course,” said the US President in an interview, excerpts of which were published in the night of Friday, April 28.

However, trump has declared its intention to peacefully resolve the acute crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the road that he and his administration are focused by preparing a number of economic sanctions against the DPRK, not considering a military option. “We would like to solve issues diplomatically, but it is very difficult,” – said the American leader.

Trump has offered South Korea to pay 1 billion dollars for missile defense system THAAD

However, trump said that North Korea is its biggest global problem. The US President generously praised the Chinese leader XI Jinping for the help, Beijing’s attempts to rein in Pyongyang, according to Reuters.

“I think he’s really trying. He certainly does not want shocks and death. He does not want to see. He’s a good man. He’s a good man, and I knew him very well,” said trump. We will remind, in the beginning of this month, the two leaders held a meeting in Florida.

At the same time, the American leader has hinted at probable absence of China opportunities to resolve the situation with North Korea. “With that said, he (XI Jinping. – Approx. likes China and he likes Chinese. I know he would like to do something maybe he can’t do that,” said the US President.

Last week, the media leaked information that a high-ranking Chinese diplomats after the meeting trump with XI Jinping began to attempt to hold a meeting with his North Korean colleagues. But Pyongyang has ignored several queries sent to him. In particular, the DPRK did not respond to a request from the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi and special representative of China on Affairs of the Korean Peninsula Have davaa.

Answering questions about the North Korean leader Kim Jong Yne, trump said that he hoped his rationality. “He’s 27 years old. His father died, he took the regime. Say what you want, but it is not easy, especially at this age, said the President of the United States. – I’m not condoning it, I’m just saying that it is very difficult to do. As for whether rational or not, I have no opinion on this matter. I hope he is rational”.

The UN security Council will discuss new sanctions against the DPRK

On Friday, April 28, the UN security Council held a meeting at the level of foreign Ministers, which will discuss the situation in North Korea. Earlier this week, acting state Department spokesman mark Toner said at a briefing that U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will discuss with the Council options for new actions by the DPRK, including sanctions, reported RIA “Novosti”.

On Thursday, the head of the state Department in an interview with Fox stated that tensions with North Korea, “is now really a little bit increased,” but the administration trump is “very well thought-out strategy”, which involves increasing global participation. “We have a lot to ask of the Chinese, – said Tillerson. We are going to test the readiness of China to help deal with this serious threat.”

However, the head of American diplomacy assured that the goal of Washington – the denuclearization of the DPRK, not the overthrow of the current regime. “I think China has concerns about destabilization of the regime in North Korea, as well as the possible consequences of the collapse of the regime. We have very clearly gave to understand that it is not seeking regime change in North Korea. We do not seek collapse of the regime. We are not looking for any reason for unification on the Peninsula at an accelerated pace,” – said Tillerson (quoted by TASS).

According to him, the United States set themselves the same goal in this matter, and China. As Tillerson explained, is that “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

Also U.S. Secretary of state said that the development of nuclear weapons is North Korea the only way to survive. “The Regime (Of Pyongyang. – Approx. in the past have indicated that they are trying to get nuclear weapons, because I think this is the only way to survive. We want to change this point of view, this calculation,” said Tillerson.

“We told them: “the Way to ensure safety and survival for you is the elimination of nuclear weapons. We and other States will be willing to help you in economic development and become a stable and secure part of a stable and prosperous northeast Asia”, – said the head of the American foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, North Korea continues to produce propaganda videos against the US. In one of the last shows the explosion of an American aircraft carrier, as well as the Capitol building of the United States Congress in Washington. The video is accompanied by subtitles like, “We’ll show you what a strong country, a world leader in nuclear and missile technologies.”

Amid fears of a new missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang, the United States dispatched to the area of the Korean Peninsula carrier strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. Media wrote that the United States can strike a preventive nuclear attack on the DPRK.

It is expected that a group of American ships come to the Korean Peninsula this week. At the end of this week, the U.S. aircraft carrier Carl Vinson will hold joint exercises with South Korean ships.

Trump said the possibility of a major conflict, the US and the DPRK 28.04.2017

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