The US President Donald trump said that he never asked the former Director of the FBI James Komi to close or suspend the investigation against the former adviser on
national security Michael Flynn.

“No. No. Next question” – he said Thursday at a press conference in the White house. The question, as noted by Reuters, was about the possible pressure, expressed “in any shape or form.”

Replying to another question, trump said that with respect to the decision of the Ministry of justice to appoint a special adviser to the investigation of the Russian intervention in elections in the US. “I respect that decision, but it is a witch hunt” – he said at a joint press conference with Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos.

Again repeating the assertion that between his election headquarters and Moscow there was no conspiracy, he pointed to the need “to unite this great country.” “I hate everything that leads to a split… My priority is the United States of America” – quoted by TASS trump.

Topic of the day: scenarios of impeachment for trump

One of the reasons for the attacks on the incumbent President from the democratic opposition and close to it the US media was in the recent dismissal of the Director of the FBI James Komi. Trump admitted that he is surprised. In his opinion, Komi is bad at their job and were “very unpopular,” so he expected “bipartisan support” to offset this American strongman. The President promised “very soon” to call the successor of the Komi Republic, which, as he believes, “the FBI will be delighted”.

The President assured that he wants to focus on the effective management of the country: “We’re looking forward to when this whole situation will be behind us and we will be able to focus on creating jobs, strengthening the armed forces and in General all those, on which we have long and successfully working, including health care.”

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of justice announced the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller special adviser to investigate claims of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.

Trump spent two words to comment on the resignation of the head of the FBI investigating ties with Russia 19.05.2017

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