The US President-elect Donald trump spoke about the upcoming conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and received from him the letter. He stated this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Earlier, in an interview with the WSJ, trump said that after talks with U.S. President Barack Obama refused of the full repeal of health reform – that was one of his core promises.

Trump said that after his election he received the message from most world leaders, and some held a telephone conversation. He said that while he did not have contact with Chinese President XI Jinping. And from the President of Russia, he received a “beautiful” letter and scheduled a phone conversation with Putin.

No details on the contents of the letter or the upcoming conversation trump said.

During the election campaign, the Democrats have repeatedly accused trump of being too sympathetic to Putin, which the Republican candidate called a strong leader. It was also stated that leakage from the computers of the Democratic party, the organization of which the United States accused Russia, was in favor of Trump and harm his rival, Hillary Clinton.

Sands trump could convince NATO to withdraw troops from borders of the Russian Federation

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow hopes to improve Russian-American relations after the inauguration of elected
U.S. President Donald trump. He declared it in interview to the American Agency AP.

In particular, according to him, Russia and the United States should respond
on the dangerous challenge of global terrorism.

This Peskov said that the two countries have accumulated a serious baggage of controversy. “But if we are wise enough to start talking with each other, and try to hear the concerns of each other, it will be a real success”, – quotes the press-Secretary of “Interfax”.

According to Peskov, in order to establish trust between the two
countries trump could convince NATO to withdraw troops from the Russian
borders, which could lead to “a kind of détente in Europe.” Now, said Sands, in Russia, you see that “muscle of NATO” to become more and closer to Russian borders. He also called
NATO is “a tool of confrontation,” adding that “we don’t feel
security” and forced to take action.

Peskov also said that without cooperation between Russia and the United States
further steps for a political settlement in Syria is difficult.

Speaking about the position of the United States and the West on Crimea, Peskov said that in Russia no one has ever “won’t be ready to start any discussion” on this issue, but be prepared to wait: according to him, in Moscow understand that the European partners and partners in the U.S. need time to admit it.

Trump spoke about the letter to Putin and the upcoming conversation with Russian leader 12.11.2016

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