The US President-elect Donald trump has offered the former head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn the post of adviser on national security issues, reported the Associated Press.

It is unknown whether the agreed Flynn to hold this post. Candidate for the position of Advisor to the President for national security at the White house was not subject to approval in the U.S. Congress, notes TASS.

Previously, the newspaper The Washington Post reported that Flynn was also considered as a candidate for the position of head of the Pentagon.

Flynn is considered a supporter of closer relations with Russia in solving the world’s problems, particularly in the middle East, says RBC. In December 2015 he in an interview with “Power” declared that the US and Russia should start constructive discussions to resolve the situation in Syria.

“We firmly believe in the existence of mutual interest in destroying this cancer of radical forms of Islam. If we don’t do this together, we have to try to do it separately, it will be much more difficult,” said Flynn.

Michael Flynn was the head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense in 2012-2014. He was one of the key advisors trump during the election campaign.

Trump was offered the post of national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, found the press 18.11.2016

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