The Russians after the coup in Turkey after all has ceased to be interested in Turkish holiday, despite the words of the tour operators. Now the most popular tourist destination for residents of the Russian Federation was Tunisia, reports “Kommersant”, the share of this country in search queries is about 15%.

In Tunisia, which in 2015 was interested in only 2% of Russian students offer tours of six operators. The second most popular tourist destination is Greece, where tours are offered 14 operators. From July 16 the proportion of requests for Greece ranges from 11.8 to 13.6 percent. The third popular destination was Cyprus, with a share of 9,5-11,1%. Vouchers there are 12 tour operators.

The representative of “Onlinetur” Igor Blinov said that the growing popularity of Tunisia associated with the departure of the main competing destinations – Turkey. Note that for a short time, Turkey was the leader on demand among tourists: it happened after Russian President Vladimir Putin has lifted a ban on selling trips to the country. However, the coup postpone the resumption of Charter flights has brought a new wave of popularity of Turkey.

Restrictions on regular flights to Turkey canceled on July 22,

According to the representative of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina, the growing popularity of Tunisia in many respects provide the tourists, forced to abandon previously purchased permits in Turkey. July 18, Russian tour operators have decided to compensate Russian citizens abolished after the coup of the permit. “Tour operators generally offer the residents of Moscow as an alternative to travel to Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus and in Sochi, the Urals alternative directions are Tunisia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is obvious that many are choosing Tunisia as a visa-free direction with a short flight,” she said.

However, it should be added that all restrictions on regular flights from Russia to Turkey on July 22 removed, as described in
the message of the Ministry of transport. Charter flights were banned by the Russian side from November 2015 (after the incident with the downed Turkish air force Russian bomber), and regular flights after the military coup in Turkey on Friday run only on the removal of Russian citizens from Turkey.

A ban on the sale of tours to Turkey and other sanctions against Ankara was introduced by the Russian authorities after November 2015, the Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 bomber involved in the operation in Syria. On 30 June Putin signed a decree on the resumption of sales of package tours after the Turkish leader, in a letter announced the unfortunate incident.

Tunisia became the most popular destination for Russian tourists 22.07.2016

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