In Tunisia, announced the completion of the first phase of the construction of a barrier length of about 200 kilometers along the state border with Libya. Last weekend the border region visited the Minister of national defense Farhat, Horchani, examined the fortifications, consisting of a water-filled trenches, sand bags and watch towers, reports the BBC Russian service.

It is reported that the wall is being built in connection with the threat of entry into the territory of Tunisia’s Islamists, including militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, DAYSprohibited in Russia). The second phase will include the installation of special electronic equipment for border protection. The project is implemented with financial support from Germany and the USA.

In addition, according to Horeni in the near future American and European instructors will help the Tunisian military skills on electronic monitoring with cameras and radars. In the country’s security service also said that the wall helped to reduce the flow of contraband, added Hachani.

The decision to erect fortifications on the Eastern border of Tunisia was adopted after 2015 last year the country has experienced two major terrorist attack. In March, militants seized the national Bardo Museum in the capital, killing 21 tourists. Another 38 foreign nationals were killed during a terrorist attack in one of the hotels near the city of Sousse at the end of June. The attack could not be avoided, despite the fact that measures to ensure security have been strengthened in Sousse in October 2013. Then a suicide bomber made up on the beach of one of the hotels, as a result, however, was caused only property damage, noted DW.

Responsibility for both attacks on the Museum in Sousse Bordeaux and took over the terrorist group “Islamic state”. Since the 4th of July in Tunisia was introduced a state of emergency. However, on 2 October the President of the country of the Beja beji CAID El-Sebsi has ordered him to cancel. The Tunisian authorities explained this by the fact that the measures helped to catch terrorists and they will soon be brought to justice.

Because of the terrorist attacks in the Tunisian tourist sector of the country was in distress. A number of countries (e.g. the UK) has imposed a ban for its citizens to travel to Tunisia, the flow of tourists from Western countries in the first nine months of the year decreased by 50%, was reported by the head of the Ministry of tourism of Tunisia Selma Rekik Allumi. The number of foreign guests visiting the country for the year decreased from five to four million.

According to Rostourism, in the first half of 2015 Tunisia visited 27,7 thousands of Russians, including 22.4 thousand tourists. While during the same period in 2014 the country was visited by a 100.8 thousands of Russians, including 91,2 thousands of tourists, reports the website of the Ministry. Just in 2014, Tunisia was visited by 269 thousand Russians.

Tunisia has built a 200-mile wall on the border with Libya the money of Germany and the USA 08.02.2016

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