Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has offered his version of events, presented by the FSB as an attempt of terrorist acts in the Crimea, organized by the Ukrainian military. According to the politician, over the weekend Russian security forces in an alcohol intoxication has arranged shooting, killing and injuring not only each other, but also ordinary Crimeans.

In comments to UNIAN Turchynov drew attention that the FSB is only on August 10 made a loud statement about the events that, according to intelligence agencies, occurred on the night of 6 to 7 August. “Such delay can be explained solely by the fact that they needed time to forge the so-called “evidence” of the aggressive actions of Ukraine and to hide the real threat of the criminal actions of their subordinates,” – said the NSDC Secretary.

According to Turchynov, in fact, in the Crimea there was a shootout between different units of the Russian security forces, who have traditionally abused alcohol, particularly at weekends”. The Secretary of the NSDC claims that in the incident were killed and injured not only the Russian military but also civilians among Crimeans.

The”August surprise” Putin’s bluff, a dangerous game or casus belli?

Turchinov believes that the story about the attack of special forces Gur of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine and military advances in the Crimea with the shooting from the Ukrainian side, Russia is trying to cover up their own war crimes. NSDC Secretary recalled that initially it was about “the arrested employees of the SMR, and in the last statements of the Russian foreign Ministry reports two citizens of Ukraine and Russia, which is already not employees of Gur, and civilians who allegedly “contributed” to the Ukrainian military”.

The Ukrainian politician believes that in fact, in the Crimea detained random citizens to cover up a drunken shooting of the Russian military. The version of the Russian intelligence services about events in Crimea, Turchynov called “hastily fabricated Fsbshnoy mediocre provocation.” The NSDC Secretary believes that the detained citizens “after being tortured in the dungeons of the FSB signed or voiced any dictated nonsense”.

It should be noted that on August 10, when the FSB accused the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine in preparing terrorist acts in Crimea, Turchynov called the statement of the Russian special services “provocative nonsense” and “hybrid war”, aimed at aggravation of the situation in the Crimea. However, the NSDC Secretary said that actually happened at the border with the Peninsula over the weekend. The version of the shootout drunken Russian security forces Turchynov has offered only two days after the report of the FSB.

In addition, even before an informed source “Interfax” in power structures has informed that the shooting near Armyansk associated with fighting drunken Russian paratroopers who opened fire on civilians. According to the interlocutor of Agency, the military stopped a car Skoda Fabia, which were a resident of the village of Suvorovo (district of the city of Armyansk) Hafiz Muhamedov and his friend. The couple went to visit relatives in mainland Ukraine.

The military demanded from the citizens of passports and other documents, which the driver refused to give them up. “A verbal altercation ended with the shooting”, – said the source. According to him, the first Russian military fired into the car and then opened fire on the civilians. As a result of Mukhamedov received seven bullet wounds, while his friend escaped with a slight wound.

After the shooting, the Russian military ran away and hid from law enforcement. Later three of them were arrested, two more wanted by Russian law enforcers in the occupied Crimea”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Muhamadou for three days in a coma in Krasnoperekopsk the hospital under heavy military guard. The authorities of the Crimea at the request of the Kurultai of Crimean Tatars reported that the man drove in the car the explosives.

It should be noted that on August 11, when the Network sold the alternative version of events in the Crimea, it became known that in the North of the Peninsula off the Internet. And a member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Olga Cowicide said that it is necessary for safety, to avoid the intrusion of “specific intelligence”. A day later, the Senator has denied the connection between the disconnect the Internet on the Peninsula and the attempt of sabotage in the Crimea, saying her words “were distorted and taken out of context”.

Meanwhile, in the Gur, the defense Ministry of Ukraine reported on the preparation of large-scale provocations in the Donbas. “The enemy is planning a large-scale provocative actions along the line of clashes in the East of Ukraine with the subsequent prosecution of the Ukrainian side of violating the Minsk agreements”, – stated in the message of the intelligence on the page in Facebook the morning of 12 August.

Ukraine categorically rejects all accusations of Russia in his address in preparing attacks in the Crimea. The US shares the position of the Ukrainian leadership.

On the eve President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ordered to bring in increased combat readiness of all units of the Ukrainian army on the border with the Crimea and the Donbass. On the same day, the Ukrainian military began maneuvers on the border with the Crimean Peninsula.

On the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin held operational meeting with permanent members of the security Council of the country. During the meeting, as reported in the Kremlin, discussed additional measures to ensure the safety of citizens and vital infrastructure of Crimea in connection with the prevention of terrorist attacks and the capture of Ukrainian saboteurs on the Peninsula. It should be noted that on 10 August, Putin, after the report of the FSB on the attempt of suppression a sabotage, called meaningless meeting in the Normandy format, which would be held in September at the G20 summit in China.

Turchinov called the data about the preparation of terrorist acts in the Crimea an attempt to hide the shooting of drunk Russian military 12.08.2016

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