The Turkish authorities are preparing materials to submit a complaint to the WTO in connection with the introduction of economic sanctions by Russia. About it as transfers RBC, said the Minister of economy of Turkey Mustafa Elitas newspaper The Daily Sabah. The Minister compared the relationship with Russia the weather forecast: “Sometimes Sunny, sometimes raining or cloudy.”

“When it is cloudy they do not comply with the international rules of trade,” he said, adding that the Ministry has created a special body to deal with complaints of Turkish businessmen working with Russian partners.

Elites told reporters that at present, the Turkish side collects evidence. The Minister also promised that international courts will restore the rights of all victims of Russian sanctions.

However, he stressed that trade should be “a moral basis”. “Entrepreneurs confided to the Russian government and put the money into the country. We are trying to be patient, but waiting for the embargo against Turkey,” said Elitas.

In addition, the Minister spoke about a “backup plan” of Turkey is intended to redirect Russia’s share of exports to other countries, such as the markets of the countries of Africa.

What complains Turkey

Recall that after the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber that was shot down over Syria, Turkish air force, Moscow has imposed on Ankara’s economic sanctions.

January 1, 2016 came into force a ban on the importation of certain agricultural raw materials and food from Turkey. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 28 November 2015.

In addition, Turkish organizations or companies controlled by Turkish nationals, are deprived of the right to engage Russia in the construction, architectural and engineering design, travel industry and hospitality business. The sanctions also provide for the abolition of visa-free regime with Turkey.

However, the government has compiled a list of companies for which an exception is being made. It includes 53 organizations among them large construction companies, as well as “Renault Russia” and “Ford Sollers”, which assemble cars.

In addition to the construction and tourism anti-Turkish sanctions could be extended to the hotel business, timber processing, training pilots and government contracts in all sectors. And the Ministry has proposed to ban the import of 70-80% of light industry goods from Turkey.

Russian authorities had previously called the conditions for the restoration of relations between States, among them – the formal apology for the downed plane and the payment of compensation. In Ankara dismissed these claims, indicating that the plane was shot down due to the violation of the airspace of Turkey, a fact which is categorically denied by the defense Ministry.

According to the FCS, the largest items of Turkish agricultural exports to Russia are tomatoes and citrus.

In 2014, Russia imported from Turkey, agricultural raw materials and food for 1 billion 764,7 million to 1 billion 750,4 million in 2013. Turkish import in the total Russian imports of these products amounted to 4.3%. The share of fruits and nuts from Turkey accounted for 46.9% of imports, including 23% in citrus, 10.8 per cent for grapes. The share of vegetables accounted for 34%, including 24,9% for fresh tomatoes. Sunflower seeds took 4.7% of imports.

The other day Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Alexey Likhachev said that the trade turnover between Russia and Turkey by the end of 2015 will not exceed 18-19 billion, and in 2016 will be reduced by at least $ 800 million.

Turkey is preparing a complaint to the WTO on Russian sanctions 04.01.2016

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