Turkey is ready to cooperate with Russia on issues of the ceasefire and delivery of humanitarian assistance in Syria, if ready, the Kremlin said on Thursday, September 29, in Ankara, foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu at a joint press conference after a meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgar Rinkevich, according to Turkish newspaper Haberturk.

Cavusoglu said that Turkey supports the agreement of Russia and the United States to the ceasefire, and expressed regret that the truce was broken. Meanwhile, the work necessary for the delivery of humanitarian assistance UN continues and Turkey is working for a ceasefire and a political solution.

“Yesterday there was the Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif, we discussed the ceasefire and humanitarian assistance,” said Cavusoglu. After the normalization of our relations we are discussing the same issues with our ally Russia.”

“If Russia is ready to cooperate with us on the issues of cease-fire and humanitarian aid, we’re ready,” – said the head of the Turkish foreign Ministry (quoted by Reuters).

The agreement on Syria between Russia and the United States, provided, inter alia, restrictions on flights of aircraft of the Syrian army over the territories controlled by the opposition, the reduction of violence, creation of a joint Executive center, withdrawal from the road of Castello in Aleppo with a guarantee of security to all who want to leave Aleppo, using Castello, including the rebels.

The situation worsened with September 22 with the resumption of fighting in Eastern Aleppo under rebel control, when a military aircraft struck the most powerful over the past few months of massive air strikes accompanied by artillery shelling. The blows continued, the agreement between Moscow and Washington ceasefire was disrupted.

25 Sep diplomats of the US and Europe shifted on Russia liability for violation of the cease-fire in Syria. At an emergency meeting of the security Council US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said that the state of all the forces will work to restore the ceasefire. She also accused Moscow and Damascus in the “full-scale offensive operations” in the East of Aleppo. The permanent representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin insisted that the bombing exposed the areas of the city, where, among two dozen groups of dominant position is prohibited in the Russian terrorist group “dzhebhat an-Nusra”.

After the night of September 28, during another attack, suffered several hospitals, Secretary of state John Kerry in a telephone conversation with the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov saidthat Washington is ready to suspend cooperation with Moscow on Syria if Russia does not take immediate steps to halt the offensive in Aleppo and restore the truce.

Recall that the White house also holds Russia responsible for shelling a humanitarian convoy of the UN a few days after the introduction of ceasefire.

Turkey is ready to cooperate with Russia on the issues of the truce and humanitarian aid in Syria 29.09.2016

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