The head of the European Council Donald Tusk at a press conference after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised Ankara for its work with people fleeing from war in the middle East, reports Associated Press. EU representatives attended Turkish
the city of Gaziantep on the border with Syria and visited a refugee camp.

“Today’s Turkey is the best example in the world in the question of how we should treat refugees. And it’s not just formal or political assessment, this is also my very personal feeling,” said Tusk.

The Chairman of the Council of Europe also noted that in recent years has become much more efficient work of the EU Fund for refugees in Turkey has decreased the illicit flows through the Aegean sea, earned the project on resettlement of Syrian refugees from Turkey to EU countries.

“This is a big and complex task, and much still lies ahead. Along with cooperation in overcoming the immigration crisis, we will summarize the results of the revival of our bilateral relations. They include accelerated road map for visa liberalization. I make it so that Turkey would make significant progress and decisions will be made this summer, if Turkey fulfills all the agreed targets”, – quotes Tusk “Interfax”.

We will remind, on March 18, the EU and Turkey entered into an agreement to resolve the migration crisis. Brussels has promised Ankara 6 billion euros, the abolition of the visa regime by the summer and the opening of a new Chapter in the negotiations on the accession to the community in exchange for a reduction in Turkey of a flood of refugees to Europe.

The agreement entered into force on 20 March. From this moment all migrants trapped in Greece through Turkey, should return back and act the authorities are bound in full compliance with European and international law.

This right, however, is not always observed. So, a few days ago the Times reported shelling of the Turkish border Syrian refugees trying to cross the border. The victims were at least eight people, mostly women and children.

As evidence of the attack, the newspaper published a photograph taken on a mobile phone, which depicts a man carrying the hands of a boy with bandaged feet. The article States that the child was wounded in both legs.

One of the survivors of the refugees, a lawyer from Aleppo by the name of Abdanan Kaskas, told journalists that Turkish border guards “kill unarmed people”. Those people who were lucky enough to survive while under fire, was taken to the hospital in the town of Azaz, which is close to the border. He currently is under the control of Syrian rebels fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Before shooting at refugees in Turkey was accused of human rights organization Amnesty International. Her report also stated that European leaders had deliberately ignored the fact that Turkey is a safe country for Syrian refugees and is becoming more dangerous with each passing day.

Amnesty International found cases of forced mass expulsion of Syrian refugees, which is a violation of the agreement between Turkey and the EU and international law. “It is extremely probable that Turkey has already sent several thousand refugees in Syria for the last seven to nine weeks. If the agreement remains in effect, as planned, some of those who sends EU back to Turkey, will suffer the same fate”, said John Dalhuisen, Director of the organization in Europe and Central Asia.

EU leaders meanwhile continue to believe that coordinated with Ankara scheme will allow you to break the business model of carriers workers who deal with dangerous transportation of people through the Aegean sea, as refugees will be able to submit a legitimate request for political asylum from Turkey.

Critics of the agreement say the risk of massive and unjustified deportations from Europe, but also noted that the exchange of one illegal migrant for one legitimate refugee will not result in a change in their number in Europe.

Tusk called Turkey a role model in the treatment of refugees 24.04.2016

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