Two officers of the interior Ministry were dismissed because of flagrant violations of the rules of escorting the accused in the case of members of the”gang GTA”, which on 1 August staged a shootout in the Moscow regional court, taking away weapons from the convoy.

Dismissed the commander of the separate company of protection and escort of suspects and accused, as well as Deputy platoon commander of the unit, said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

In addition, disciplinary penalties on incomplete official conformity was imposed on the Deputy platoon commander, the Vice commander of the separate company of protection and escort of suspects and accused persons, the head of the organization of the protection of public order GU MVD of Moscow region, his Deputy and the chief of that Department.

Last week it became known that office of public Prosecutor conducts check of circumstances of the attack of the “gang GTA” on the guards in the building of the Moscow regional court. Even then, it was reported that the convoy service of the Moscow police grossly violated several paragraphs of in-house documents. Violations may be grounds for initiating a criminal case about negligence, assumed journalists.

Escort defendants regulated, in particular, the order of the RF Ministry N140 from 7 March 2006 and the joint order of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of interior of 24 may 2006 N199/369. The last document stipulates that the organization reinforced the convoy, prescribed for the protection of suspects or defendants who are prone to escape and accused of serious and particularly serious criminal offences, for the five prisoners should have eight security forces.

While in the Elevator of the Moscow regional court with five members of the “gang GTA” were only two escorts – a 38-year-old Elizaveta Lukyanova and 47-year-old Michael Pertosian. In addition, accused of particularly serious criminal offences, the cuffs must be worn behind the back, not the front. The attack would be almost impossible if this rule is not violated, said the experts.

Previously the Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov said that the guards of the “gang GTA” broke all of the user “from “a” to “z”, and in this regard, “some staff and management will be responsible”. However, he appreciated perfectly the actions of OMON fighters of Regardie involved in the neutralization of the bandits, and said that they will be submitted to the awards.

Possible the escape of members of the “gang GTA” after the attack on the convoy prevented the soldiers of Regardie, which that day provided security held in the downstairs process on the high-profile case against the former head of the city administration of Miass Victor Arabesco and eight other alleged members of his gang accused of robbery and a series of assassinations.

In the afternoon of 1 August, five members of the “gang GTA” after the hearing on their case on the fourth floor of the courthouse were attacked in the Elevator for two accompanying the convoy, took possession of their service weapon and took hostages. The attackers took the guards to the courtroom on the third floor, where they began shooting at blocked their way to the staff of Regardie. The guards returned fire.

In the shootout injured one employee of Regardie. Retaliatory fire was liquidated three members of the gang – Abdumalik of Mamadjonov, Mirzakalon Mirzosharipov and Holick of Subhonov. Two more were injured. Subsequently, the channel REN TV reported that the hospital has died , the fourth member of the gang. A fifth offender, according to journalists, is in hospital in serious condition.

Two officers were fired after a shootout in the Moscow regional court 08.08.2017

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