Another “black Friday” in the United States – the day when the country begins the season of Christmas sales – not without tragic incidents. According to us media reports, during the day killed at least two people, at least another four were injured as a result of several incidents of firing near the shops.

In total there were four shooting incident. In the state of new Jersey has lost 20-the summer local resident, and his 26-year-old brother was wounded in the vicinity of Macy’s. At Reno (Nevada) one of the visitors Walmart shot and killed by another buyer in the Parking lot in front of the store: men did not share a Parking space, reports TASS.

In Memphis (Tennessee) unknown opened fire on the man, who went out from the Parking lot in front of the Mall – he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Two Tennessee resident injured in shooting at walmart in Chattanooga. There’s a few people first had an argument inside the store, and then opened fire in the Parking lot.

Originally, the term “black Friday” had a negative connotation, because on that day, the United States experienced huge traffic jams. Later, however, the term caught on, and then spread around the world, including in Russia.

Two people died and four were injured near the American stores in black Friday 26.11.2016

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