6 November in the USA during the restored after two-year break, the world championship for throwing pumpkins in the town of Bridgeville (Delaware) in the explosion of one of the guns two members were wounded by shrapnel and taken to hospital.

The competition is that teams shoot pumpkins from homemade catapults or cannons. As reported by ABC News, 39-year-old woman and 56-year-old man was wounded by shrapnel from the explosion of a gun, which is used for firing the pumpkins, and was taken to the hospital. The local edition of Delaware Online reports that around 14:40 on 6 November, during the shot one of the guns, which owner was given 21-year-old will shell, out of order defense mechanism. According to the witness the explosion of David Aronson, which leads to ABC News, while almost 25 meters from the gun to the moment of the explosion, he saw that the flying part of the gun was the size of a car door.

By the time of the explosion, the judges of the contest were watching 10 cannons, vystrelivshey more than 900 metres with compressed air. The incident occurred in the area where there could be only employees, participants and journalists. Guests of the event were far from the explosion – over the fence, but could see what happened.

The explosion in different directions scattered a large number of fragments. Immediately after the incident near the catapult found a woman who lay motionless. At the scene immediately the police called the ambulance and emergency services and a police helicopter. The woman, who is shocked by the explosion of the contestants have been rendered first aid, were taken to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. About this told the representative of the state police of the state of Delaware Jeffrey Hale. The other victim, 56-year-old man, received minor injuries and was also taken to the hospital.

The organizers asked participants to pray for seriously wounded a woman who was soon transported to Christiana Medical Center. The police were forbidden to continue the competition, which was held for the first time after a two-year break.

Criticism on lack of action on the safety of the world Cup tikvatenu, which is held since 1986, has already happened. So, in 2013, one of the contestants, Daniel Fair, whose function was to determine the distance that was flying pumpkins, demanded through the court to prohibit the carrying out of the Championships due to his injuries of the spine. However, the head of the company owning the farm on which the competition is held, and the Association of the world championship for throwing pumpkins reimbursed him the cost of treatment and the lawsuit was withdrawn in June 2015.
This year the championship was attended by more than 100 teams.

Note that in the competition play an important role not only powerful launch pumpkins, but “shells” – for example, pumpkin white varieties have a more dense texture, and therefore fly farther. But this is not the main condition of winning. In order to win was counted, it is necessary that the unit, launch a pumpkin, remained intact.

Two people were wounded in the US during the world Cup tikvatenu, revived after a two year hiatus 07.11.2016

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