Two subjects of the British crown, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for not only robbed the man, but they mocked at, forcing an hour and a half to twerking, removing all on video.

As writes The Daily Mail, in March of this year, two bandidas 25 and 28 years attacked the resident of Nottinghamshire, who was dressed in the costume of a pokemon, and kept him in his house. They are an hour and a half forced his frightened 26-year-old hostage to twerk and filming it on video. Eventually the victim managed to escape through a window and call the police.

Sending these intruders into prison, judge Jeremy Lee noted the cynicism of the crime – the defendants were not only held his victim captive, but also humiliated him for their own pleasure. “You’re not teenagers, you Mature women. You are grown women, and it’s a shock to see you doing such things,” he said.

As it turned out, one of the women who lived next door to the victims, knocked on his victim and asked for his phone to call. He gave her mobile, and then proceeded to the room of a neighbor, to get his property back. Prosecutor James Armstrong-Holmes said that both the defendants within 15 minutes assured the man that they have his phone, then became aggressive and said that the neighbor must pay if you want to get the phone back. After that, they got knives and threatened the victim.

The prey of thieves in there were 40 pounds, the jacket, the keys to the victim’s house, the headphones, the packaging of tobacco and flashlight. Trapping a man, young ladies went to his house, and stole therefrom a pokemon and soap in the shape of ducks. They then forced the victim to twerk under gangster music, threatening to cut him with a knife. The lawyer of the defendants called the behavior of women is “a manifestation of immaturity” and a “joke that went too far.”

Two robber forced the man to twerk and took his pokemon and soap-duck 14.10.2016

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