Two Russian landing ships entered the Mediterranean sea through the Straits, the other through Gibraltar, reports “Interfax”.

Turkish media reported that through the Straits off the coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean sea includes a large landing ship of the Northern fleet “George Pobedonosets”. It is sent with cargo to Syria.

Wednesday through the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean entered a large landing ship of the Baltic fleet “Queens”.

It is assumed that both ship sent to deliver cargo to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea. After his military campaign in Syria, as expected, both ships go to black sea fleet base in Sevastopol.

For BDK “George” is now in its ninth campaign in Syria this year, said “Interfax”.

According to foreign media reports, landing ships and auxiliary vessels of the Russian Navy participate in the operation, the purpose of which is to deliver ammunition for the Russian air group at the air base Hamim at Latakia and the Syrian government army, leading the battles with the Islamists, including the so-called Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

Monday, heading to Syria, through the Straits proceeded BDK Baltic fleet “Alexander Shabalin”. November 10 in the Mediterranean sea also includes BDK black sea fleet “Nicholas fil’chenkov.”

Two Russian landing ships entered the Mediterranean sea 17.11.2016

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