Two teachers of the school for students with special needs from the us state of Vermont has spoiled pattern of land repaired the pavement. As the channel WCAX News, 29-year-old Abigail Howard and 35-year-old Jennifer Rist drew a rat, which, according to them, had to look like a dinosaur.

The drawing attracted the attention of the police of the city of Windsor because it was applied on fresh concrete, which repaired the sidewalk in the framework of the project on the improvement.

The teacher, despite the fence and warning signs, hauled off, repaired when there site wasn’t working, and drew an animal. After that, they fled as I approached the foreman.

As a result, now they are accused of vandalism and causing damage to the city in the amount of more than a thousand dollars. The girls who work in the school opposite of the repaired pavement, they didn’t have malicious intent.

“Looking back, I can say that it was pretty stupid, wrote Howard in my social networks. – This figure was the size of my palm. Unfortunately, he ruined the whole block of cement that they claim now needs to be completely replaced. Thus, this $ 1,000 damage. Was it clever? Oh, no. Now I understand it. Was it with the intent to hurt someone? Also no.”

The teacher also explained that the picture was supposed to be a dinosaur, which have attracted their students during walks. Note that many commentators found it unjust claims of the authorities, noting that teachers perform a difficult job and didn’t want to do anything wrong. Teachers of special schools will stand trial in December.

Two Vermont teachers will judge for the spoiled pattern of the rat pavement 05.10.2016

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