U.S. officials are discussing whether to impose economic sanctions against Russia in response to hacker attacks against organizations of the Democratic party. While officials have not come to a final decision, writes The Wall Street Journal , citing informed sources.

The publication notes that “the FBI and American intelligence learn hacking computers of Democrats, and several officials were given to understand that he was almost certainly perpetrated by hackers affiliated with Russia. In addition, a few firms specializing in cyber security, has also published a report that linked the hacking with the Russian hackers. Russia itself is his involvement in categorically denies.

“Even if U.S. officials concluded that hackers supported by Russia, will need to make a decision about the disclosure of that conclusion, as well as to weigh various options of response,” the article says. For example, the US administration will have to decide if this story to aggravate the current relations with Russia.

The newspaper notes that the decision on sanctions is a long process. “For the imposition of sanctions will require that the White house publicly accused Russia or hackers supported by Russia, that they had hacked the computers and then leaked information that puts victims in an awkward position,” the article quoted the website InoPressa.

Hackers, hacked servers, DNC, suspected in the kidnapping of the secrets of NATO and Soros

Currently, the investigation of hacker attacks on the server of the democratic party continues. Meanwhile, the Agency Bloomberg recalls that a few weeks before, WikiLeaks posted on the Internet 20 thousand emails stolen from the servers of the Democrats, the other, little-known website – DCLeaks.com – began to spread online secrets of the General, who held high office in NATO, the Chicago volunteer election campaign, Hillary Clinton and the charity of billionaire Soros.

Now security experts say that on this site there are “marks in the same division of the Russian investigation, which has targeted political organizations the Democratic party.”

According to the newspaper, the biggest revelation for DCLeaks for us General Philip Breedlove, the former commander of NATO, in may retired. “Email account Breedlove testify that he complained about the lack of attention the Obama administration to European security”, – stated in the article, the translation of which publishes InoPressa. According to the author Bloomberg, the lighting of these letters in the press exacerbated tensions between the United States and its European allies.

The publication goes to the history with the Soros Foundation. According to informed sources, the hackers gained access to sensitive networks and stolen valuable documents. “August 3 in the account DCLeaks.com in Twitter there was a record: “Read the plans OSF George Soros’ anti-Russian politics and traditional values.” To it was attached the screenshot of the request for the allocation of 500 thousand dollars for the program “Open society” designed to counteract Russian influence in European democracies,” the article says.

According to the author, the materials posted on DCLeaks in early June, suggests: hackers not only strive to influence the course of U.S. presidential elections, but pursue the broader goal of “from the course of the Obama administration against Russia to revelations of secret levers of political power in Washington.”

The publication also believes that the hackers still have a lot of materials. “Among the “heroes” leaks DCLeaks and is a former senior intelligence officer and current employee of a major company carrying out contracts of the Pentagon, and a retired officer in the U.S. Army, whose wife serves on the aircraft carrier Nimitz,” – said in the article.

U.S. considering sanctions against Russia in response to the attacks of hackers, who is credited with the new sins 12.08.2016

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