Residents of the U.S. city of Fresno (California) on Tuesday for a few hours were left without electricity and heat because of the black and white cat named Fat man, who climbed a utility pole (power line) and was not able to come back down. The animal sat on the pole at a height of about 14 meters for nine days, reports the Fresno Bee.

Cat owners tried to lure it down with food, but to no avail – the animal mewed pitifully, but did not move. In any case, under the pillar built deck, in case the Fat man will fall, transfers TV channel Fox.

Also, the owners turned to all services with a request to help remove the cat. The only one who responded was the fire. They arrived a few minutes after the call, but make could nothing, as the wires on the pole were electrified.

Finally, on Tuesday, November 22, at the place of profit electricians. They climbed the pole and disconnected power lines, leaving without electricity for 250 homes. After that employees of the power company put cat in a cage and lowered to the ground.

Veterinarians who examined the animal stated to have tailed a little dehydrated, but overall it was quite healthy. Now the cat is already returned owners. Meanwhile, the post has established a special plastic barrier to prevent the recurrence of similar cases.

U.S. energy de-energized 250 houses to rescue a cat stuck on utility pole (VIDEO) 24.11.2016

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