The largest in the middle East exhibition of arms and military equipment IDEX-2017, participation in which accept more than 1,200 companies from 57 countries on Sunday began its work in the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition will run until February 23.

The Russian military-industrial complex is this XIII weapons-the cabin a large-scale exhibition that will present about 18 organizations, including the state spetsposelok on arms exports, Rosoboronexport, is a leading company in production of armored vehicles “Uralvagonzavod” concern aerospace defense “Almaz-Antey” concern “Kalashnikov”, the holding “Helicopters of Russia” and others.

As stated by the head of the Rosoboronexport delegation at the exhibition, Igor Sevastyanov, the increased interest of foreign customers are multi-purpose super-maneuverable fighter of the 4++ generation su-35, combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph” air defense missile-gun complex “Pantsir-S1″, portable anti-aircraft missile complex “Igla-s”, shown in the middle East, its excellent operational and combat qualities of tank T-90MS, the infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3M, the BTR-82A and highly protected military vehicles of the family “Typhoon-K”. The exhibition also presents samples of patrol boats of the project 14310 Mirazh and project 12150 “mongoose”.

Only “Rosoboronexport” will be shown at the exhibition of more than 240 samples of weapons and military equipment for all branches of the Armed forces. In the exposition of the Russian delegation at the exhibition presents about 800 items, reports “Interfax”. There are a lot of new products.

Rosoboronexport offers the most modern samples of arms and military equipment and services for the modernization of existing equipment of Soviet and Russian production. “Russian weapons had a good reputation in the middle East, including during anti-terrorist operations of recent years” – said Sevastiyanov.

Concern aerospace defense (ASD) “Almaz-Antey” shows the exhibition of the model of combat means anti-aircraft missile systems (AAMS) “Antey-2500″ anti-aircraft missiles (SAMS) “Buk-M2E” on tracked and wheeled chassis with anti-aircraft guided missile (AAGM) 9M317, “tor-M2E”.

At IDEX-2017 will be held negotiations of the Russian delegation with representatives of the military-political leadership and business community of the UAE, the business community of the middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and the European Union.

The Russian delegation at the exhibition in the UAE headed by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, the Deputy – Deputy head of the FSMTC of Russia Aleksey Frolkin. Industrial Director of Rostec Sergey Abramov is the head of the joint delegation of state Corporation “rostech” and JSC “Rosoboronexport”.

The total area of the Russian exposition, placed in a closed exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition area is 1379 sq. m.

The new IDEX-2017

Russia has prepared for the guests of the Russian exposition many new products.

Research and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” was brought to Abu Dhabi’s new remote-controlled combat module (DUBM) caliber 30 mm with high rate of fire. Part DUBM includes 30-mm automatic cannon 2A42 and a 7.62 mm coaxial tank machine gun PKTM (modernized Kalashnikov machine gun tank). The development is designed to defeat tank hazardous manpower and light armored vehicles at ranges up to 2 kilometers.

Leading Russian developer and manufacturer of wheeled armored vehicles, LLC “Military-industrial company” during the IDEX for the first time shows abroad mannosamine armored car “Bear” is the only Russian car, built on technology MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected). Special police car SPM-3 VPK-3924 “Medved” not so long ago was accepted in the armament of Regardie. This armored car is able to put up a smokescreen, spraying extinguishing media to carry out radiochemical and exploration.

The company ZALA AERO GROUP, part of the concern “Kalashnikov” demonstrated at IDEX-2017 the newest Russian complex unmanned reconnaissance and surveillance-type aircraft ZALA 421-16Е2 that is already put into production and will soon be delivered to customers. Takeoff weight of the new machine is 7.5 kg, the flight duration of the UAV with an electric motor is guaranteed is four hours even in harsh winter conditions at a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. As payload weight 1.5 kg ZALA 421-16Е2 installed day camera with 60 x optical zoom and a thermal imaging camera with 10x optics. The radius of transmission of video information in adverse weather conditions (SMU) operation is not less than 30 km and management at SMU – not less than 50 km away, the UAV is fully Autonomous from the satellite navigation systems GPS/GLONASS.

The group “tehmash”, which is included in the state Corporation “rostec”, brought to the exhibition IDEX-2017 more than 100 types of ammunition in service with the army, Navy and videoconferencing Russia. Some of these products are now in Syria. “Tehmash” demonstrates at the exhibition
the latest developments in the field of grenade combat and
aviation bomber weapons of destruction. Among them, the antitank rocket grenade RPG-30 with a disposable rocket launcher designed to defeat modern tanks equipped with mounted dynamic protection and active protection system.

Also presents the volume-detonating bomb odab-500 PMA intended for the destruction of industrial buildings, easily vulnerable materiel and manpower. The assurances of the concern, it “exceeds all existing models of similar weapons in this caliber.” The bomb can be used as a frontline combat aircraft and helicopters. And is particularly effective in mountain conditions.

“Tehmash” also showed unified planning cassette bomb PBK-500U SPBE-K, This tape is able to deliver to destination homing combat elements without entering the aircraft within range of air defense and to hit armored vehicles, command posts and antiaircraft missile complexes.

“Rostec” presented at the IDEX-2017 automated control system anti-aircraft missile brigades (ZRB) PVO “glade-Д4М1″ from the holding company Ruselectronics, which is able to combine all varieties of SAM in a single combat information management system and distribute hundreds of air targets between the various anti-aircraft complexes. The system provides high efficiency when administered to several hundred aerial targets.

Other novelties for the international market will be an anti-tank complex “Kornet-EM and Metis-M1″ missiles which penetrate more than a meter of steel armor (including reactive armor), an artillery guided missile “Krasnopol-M2″ with enhanced range and homing in on the target, illuminated laser, and a set of “Fringe” for rifled and smooth-bore mortars.

The exhibition presents 82-mm mortar 2Б24, one of the best in its class. He can fire fragmentation mines and mines special purpose at a distance of six kilometers. This one and a half times on his predecessor, mortar 2Б14-1. The mortar is presented in mobile version on the ATV RM 600 6×4. In this embodiment, is transported, and the main ammo – 36 rounds. With the full weight of 1.2 tons, the complex is able to move with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour and has a power reserve of 200 kilometers. The mortar can be cast from combat into the travelling position in just 30 seconds.

At IDEX-2017 are demonstrated practically all the most popular models of military and civilian Russian helicopters. The model range of military equipment present attack helicopters Mi-35M and Mi-28NE, and reconnaissance and strike Ka-52.

Mi-35M is created on the basis of helicopters Mi-24/Mi-25/Mi-35. He is capable of hitting enemy armored vehicles high precision managed and unmanaged weapons in difficult weather conditions at any time of the day. In addition, the Mi-35M solves the problem of transporting soldiers and goods, the evacuation of the wounded.

A feature of the Mi-28NE – increased vitality and a powerful set of weapons. The helicopter can effectively combat tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers and army air defense assets. In 2016, the export version of the helicopter Mi-28NE, received a dual-control system.

Ka-52 “alligator” – all-weather reconnaissance and attack helicopter, which is one of the most effective combat helicopter in the world for its aerobatic properties, availability of weapons and capabilities of combat use.

The newest Mi-171A2 helicopter is of great interest visitors and has the potential to become a bestseller in the middle East.

Light Ka-226T with agility, compact dimensions, absence of tail rotor and high-power can perform transport and special tasks in the most difficult conditions.

The Ka-32A11BC is equipped with modern systems for fire fighting type Bambi-Bucket and Simplex, as well as water cannons for horizontal firefighting.

The middle East is among the three main buyers of Russian weapons

Middle Eastern countries are traditional partners of Russia in the sphere of military-technical cooperation (MTC). The demand for Russian military equipment in the region greatly increased after the operation of the Air-space forces against the terrorist gangs of the Islamic state and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia) in Syria, in which Russian weapons, especially aircraft, have shown their high efficiency and reliability.

As stated on Monday, 20 February, at the IDEX-2017 Deputy Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC of Russia) Aleksey Frolkin, the middle East region by volumes of purchases of Russian weapons included in the top three. “The volume of military-technical cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Middle East remains historically significant. The region almost every year among the three leaders on the volume purchased military products of the Russian production”, – he said.

As reported by RIA “Novosti”, a special demand in the Middle Eastern countries have Russian air defense systems, aircraft and small arms.

Interest among middle Eastern countries after the Syrian operation caused the fighter-bomber su-34.

Moscow is negotiating with Egypt on the supply of naval helicopters Ka-52K for the helicopter carrier type “Mistral”, standing on the armament of the Navy of this country.

Increased interest in middle Eastern partners is the latest modification of the tank T-90 T-90MS.

As for the United Arab Emirates, the host country of the exhibition, the UAE became the first foreign customer missile and gun ad “Pantsir-S1″, which today is one of the most popular samples of military products in the portfolio of Rosoboronexport.

Moscow and Abu Dhabi undertake joint projects for the development of military equipment. Two years ago at IDEX 2015, an agreement was signed about installation of Russian military caliber module AU-220M on Emirati chassis Enigma, testing scheduled to begin in 2017.

Russia in 2017 will export weapons to 14 billion dollars

Sales of Russian arms in 2017, according to forecasts, will amount to approximately $ 14 billion, said Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

“The projections give us confidence that in 2017 the supply of Russian military products abroad will be approximately the same as last year – about $ 14 billion,” – said Manturov at the military exhibition IDEX-2017.

IDEX (International Defence Exhibition) – international exhibition of arms and military equipment, which is held every two years in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, since 1993. In 2009, IDEX signed contracts 16.8 billion dirham (about $ 4.6 billion), for which the exhibition was awarded “best trade show” in the Middle East. At the end of last exhibition IDEX-2015 has been signed contracts worth over $ 18.3 billion UAE dirham (more than $ 6.6 billion).

UAE largest middle East arms salon IDEX-2017 novelties of the Russian Federation paid special attention after the operation in Syria 20.02.2017

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