The unnamed collector paid 18 million rubles for the lifetime edition of a poem by Velimir Khlebnikov “Ladomir” autographed by the author. It is believed that this is one of the seven surviving copies – other “smoked” friends of the poet, writes RIA “Novosti” with reference to the auction house “Russian enamel”.

“Rare edition of poems by Velimir Khlebnikov was sold at auction “Russian enamel” for a record 18 million rubles. The poem was released not for sale edition of just 50 copies in 1920. According to one legend, many of Khlebnikov give away books was almost immediately “kureny” his acquaintances: because of the shortage of paper page adapted for twist tobacco. According to some sources, remained only seven copies of rare editions”, – stated in the message.

Utopian poem Khlebnikov was published in Kharkov, the book cover was designed by Vasily Ermilov. This is the only lifetime edition of the work. On the front cover of the sold copy is preserved an autograph Khlebnikov: “Petnikova from Velimir Khlebnikov 26 VII 20 I’ll see you soon Velimir”.

Khlebnikov lived in Kharkiv for just over a year, and most of the time spent in a psychiatric clinic, evading conscription in Denikin’s army. During this time he wrote several poems and poems. The poet offered “Ladomir” itself as a new proletarian anthem is “the Internationale”, but in the end the poem published with the help of the brother of the artist-designer, who forged the resolution of the Kharkov Commissioner of printing. The entire edition was given Khlebnikov.

“Ladomir” is considered one of the most important works of Khlebnikov, although he apparently did not think so and I do not have a poem in the questionnaire when joining the writers ‘ Union. In this work, the poet comes to understand the historical inevitability of revolution and the destruction of the old order, he calls for “the poor” and “slaves” to fight for world harmony and describes his ideal world as the destruction of the opposition between man and nature.

Velimir Khlebnikov – one of the largest figures of the Russian avant-garde and one of the founders of futurism, the experimenter and reformer of poetic language, by his own admission – “Chairman of the globe”.

Uberezhennye from Scrivania poem Khlebnikov sold at auction for 18 million rubles 17.10.2016

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