The UK government has decided on the posthumous pardon of thousands of British men convicted in the 20th century for acts of homosexuality, which until the 80-ies was considered a crime in the Kingdom, reports “Russian service of BBC”.

In this case, those who have been convicted and lived up to the decriminalization, will have the opportunity to clear his name, after a legal procedure, during which the entry on their criminal record will be completely removed from the archives.

“It is very important to justify the people convicted of historical articles on sexual disorders, which are now not considered guilty in any crimes,” he said, commenting on the decision, Deputy Minister of justice of the Kingdom Sam Jiima.

In 2013 Queen Elizabeth II pardoned outstanding scientist Alan Turing, best known for the fact that his involvement was hacked which was considered “unbreakable” Nazi code encryption machines Enigma series that in 1952 he was convicted for homosexuality and later committed suicide, unable to withstand his court-appointed treatment.

A campaign to demand the posthumous rehabilitation of Turing is held by a group of scientists with the participation of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. They posted online the petition, which stated that an outstanding mathematician was driven to despair and death by the country for which he did so much, and his death is a shame for the whole of Britain. The document was signed by tens of thousands of people. In the end, the Queen had exercised his right and granted the scientist a posthumous pardon.

It was after pardoning Turing in the UK began a large-scale campaign to pardon other men convicted for homosexuality. During the proceedings of the great scientist, many British Ministers refused to rehabilitate. They expressed their regret judgment, but emphasized that its decision was based on laws then in force.

Criminal liability for homosexuality in England was abolished in 1967, in Scotland in 1980, Northern Ireland in 1982. Until the Act of sexual offences was sentenced thousands of men.

UK will pardon thousands of convicted for homosexuality in men 20.10.2016

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