The Russian military command did not withdraw its troops from the territory of Belarus at the end of the exercises “West-2017″. About it in interview Reuters was declared by the head of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko. Earlier in Lithuania was outraged by the fact that Russia and Belarus during the exercises practiced actions in conflict with NATO and the Baltic States.

According Muzhenko, Russia lied when she reported that all personnel of the armed forces and all military equipment involved in the large-scale exercises, left the country. He stressed that in Russia after the exercise returned only “a few units” of troops and military aircraft, reports Reuters.

“However, we all know that 300-400 km for aircraft is the distance that can be overcome in a very short time,” – said Muzhenko. He added that after the exercise in Belarus there are very many Russian military and military equipment.

The other day the Minister of defence of Lithuania Raimundas Carbolic said that during the military exercises “West-2017,” the Russian and Belarusian military were trained to act in conflict with NATO and the Baltic States and held at the border with Lithuania real bombing.

He stressed that “Russia is an increasingly serious threat to the Baltic States and NATO as a whole.” “First, the aggression was stressed all the time – both during and in preparation for the exercises. In addition, information provided during the exercise likely is a misinformation character. Third, during a training exercise has been simulated attacks on the Baltic States,” he listed Carbolic.

In Vilnius, stated: “the Real situation is not improving, Russian military forces continue unabated, weapons is growing. Russia is an urgent task for NATO. The purpose of our national defence institutions – continue cooperation with NATO and enhancing stability”.

Earlier the discontent with “aggressive and offensive nature of the” Russian exercises “West-2017″ was expressed by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. At a meeting with UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, she said that the exercises threaten the security of the region and the world community. In early 2017 Grybauskaite called the exercises “West-2017,” preparing for war.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin was satisfied with the maneuvers. “During his visit to one of the fragments of these exercises in the Leningrad region, the President is very positive about the progress and effectiveness of these maneuvers,” – said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2017″ was held from 14th to 20th September on the territory of Belarus, as well as on three sites of Russia with the participation of 12,7 thousand soldiers.

Ukraine has accused Russia of deploying troops on the territory of Belarus after the exercises “West-2017″ 30.09.2017

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