Ukraine has issued a new aviation information notice, according to which over neutral waters of the Black sea are “dangerous zone”. The representative of Rosaviation Sergey Izvolsky said that the Ukrainian authorities have made another attempt to interfere in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation.

According to published notification, at a distance of from six to ten nautical miles – from 11 to 18 kilometres from the neutral waters entered a “dangerous zone”. They are in the so-called flight information region Simferopol is a limited portion of the air space over the Black sea.

On this site air traffic control is exercised by the managers of the Russian air navigation operator the State Corporation for air traffic management in the Russian Federation. While the Federal air transport Agency say that Ukraine their actions are not coordinated.

“The new danger zones are established in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Black sea and partly over the black sea territorial waters of the Russian Federation to the South-West and South-East of the Crimea Peninsula. The reason for the establishment of new hazardous areas not specified,” Izvolsky said, quoted by TASS.

Previously, on 25 November, the Ukrainian authorities announced that they had established a “danger zone” over certain areas of the Black sea and Crimea. In particular, these areas were declared six nautical miles to 12 miles in territorial waters of Russia. The Federal air transport Agency said that Ukraine intends to spend “missile firing”.

At the time of writing, the Ukrainian side has not commented on the statement of the head of Rosaviation Sergey Izvolsky. However, on 26 November, responding to the first statement of the Federal air transport Agency of “dangerous zones” in the Council of national security and defense of the country called messages from Russia “hysteria” and assured that Ukraine conducts a missile firing in accordance with all international rules.

“Hysteria Russia that Ukraine, violating international agreements, unilaterally took the decision to conduct missile tests in the “sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation”, devoid of common sense,” said 26 November the head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov. Note, however, that the Ukrainian authorities consider Crimea “occupied territory”.

The United Nations Convention on the law of the sea 1982 defines that territorial sea, and is located above the airspace under the sovereignty of the coastal state. The breadth of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation is 12 nautical miles is 22.2 kilometres.

Ukraine has established a new “danger zone” over the Black sea 30.11.2016

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