The state aviation service of Ukraine (state aviation administration) has issued more than 5 thousand orders in respect of Russian airlines for violating the ban on flights to Crimea, which Kyiv considers to be occupied territory. Based on this, Ukraine has accrued fines totaling 721,236 million (approximately 1,756 billion), reports UNIAN.

“Just after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation Ukraine charged Russian airlines, violating the Ukrainian legislation and carry out flights to the occupied Crimea, 721,236 million UAH of penalties,” – declared the Ukrainian aviation Agency.

Also representatives of Department, commenting on the launch of daily flights by the Russian airline “Aeroflot” on the route Sochi – Simferopol, said that in relation to the airline opened more than 1 thousand court cases for the collection of fines.

At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of transport said that while these measures do not contribute to the payment of fines by Russian airlines. “So far they haven’t paid a single penny”, – concluded in the Ministry of transport.

Later, at the request of the Ukrainian side responded in Russia. So “It’s another crap, which even do not want to comment”, – said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government, Minister of information, communications and domestic policy of the Republic of Dmitry Polonsky (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

In turn, state Duma Deputy from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik said that fines Russian airlines for flights to Crimea is an attempt by the virtual content of the Ukrainian budget.

“Maybe sitting and rubbing their hands in anticipation of cash receipts. It’s all shooting soap bubbles. The movement is, and there is no effect. Action Ukrainian officials remind dancing on hot coals: we can’t stop and no effect,” – said the MP.

Note, in the beginning of may this year, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, expanding the list of subsidized routes in the Crimea, and extending the period of performance of subsidized transportation from 31 October to 30 November.

A referendum on independence and joining Russia was held on 16 March 2014. The Peninsula became part of Russia in March 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree establishing the Crimean Federal district. The annexation of Crimea to Russia took less than a week, if counting from March 17, when the results held on the Peninsula the referendum Putin signed a decree “On recognizing the Republic of Crimea”.

Ukraine has fined the Russian airline to 1.7 billion rubles for flights to Crimea 28.10.2016

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