In the shops of Ukraine appeared a children’s educational game “+Flags+Capital”, where the Crimea is part of Russia. As the portal 057.uagaming allowance is made in Kiev the company “wunderkind from the cradle”. It can be purchased in the shops of Kharkov.

The set includes sided cards, one side of which is drawn map, country name and capital, and on the other flag. On cards 40 States all information printed is absolutely true, but on the card of Ukraine is no Crimea. Contrary to the official position of Kiev, the Peninsula added to the map of Russia.

In the printing press from the “recognition” of the Crimea by the Russian repudiate and claim that this is a mistake. “This is a mistake of the designer… version of the game in the Ukrainian language such there are no errors – everything is set up correctly. Only in the Russian version, we have reprint and ready to send the mail right card,” said the publisher.

Recall, the Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 on the basis of a referendum held on the Peninsula after the Euromaidan in Ukraine. Kiev refused to recognize the results of the vote. In the West the annexation of Crimea considered the annexation.

Previously, such a dual interpretation of the status of Crimea has led to the scandals. So, in 2015 the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan was forced to make adjustments in school textbooks, by perturbing the Ukraine because the Crimea was called the territory of Russia.

In the same year, Latvia saw the globes with the Crimea as part of Russia and decided to withdraw them from sale. In the summer of 2015 in the microblog of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands was published infographics of the crash Malaysian Boeing with a map of Ukraine on which there was no Crimean Peninsula.

However, in recent years the views on the Crimea begin to change. So, the candidate in presidents of France, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen said that she believes the illegal annexation of Crimea. After this statement in Kiev did not rule out that close to the French policy of entry into the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, in December last year, Carter page, councillor of the electoral headquarters of the new US President Donald trump, with whom the Russian authorities pin their hopes for a thaw in relations between the two countries, called the non-recognition of Russian Crimea “erroneous conception”.

There are also politicians who make controversial statements. So, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, for example, believes that “Ukraine is undivided, but Crimea – Russia”.

Ukraine has released a game for geeks, in which Crimea is part of Russia 24.01.2017

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