Ukraine imposed five-year duties on Russian chocolate: a special Commission has linked the drop in sales of domestic producers from dumping by Russian companies. The fee will be 31%. The decree was published in the official newspaper “Governmental courier” , it should enter into force in a month. One of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in the country is the concern Roshen, which was founded by the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The decision taken by the Interdepartmental international trade Commission on the results of the investigation carried out in 2015. In mkmt came to the conclusion that from 2013 to 2015 took place the dumped imports confectionery products from the Russian Federation, containing cocoa.

In this regard, said the Agency, the Ukrainian market of confectionery products was damaged. In particular, almost 8% of the country decreased the amount of chocolate production, and sales of these products in the domestic market fell by almost 21%. It should be noted that in this period Ukraine due to the armed conflict in the Donbass lost control of several areas in the two Eastern regions of the country, and the exchange rate relative to the dollar sank three times.

According to the State fiscal service of Ukraine, in 2016 compared to 2015 indicators exports of confectionery declined by 6% and amounted to 219.4 thousand tons, and in money terms decreased by 10.5% to 350,2 million dollars. The main buyers of Ukrainian products were Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Turkmenistan. Import of confectionery for the year 2016 were down 5.5% to 34.4 thousand tons, however in monetary terms it increased by 2.3% and amounted to 122,8 million dollars. Ukraine products were supplied mainly from Germany, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, notes TASS.

As informs RSN, the duty is introduced for the following product categories: chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa; chocolate and chocolate products with cocoa, chocolate candies, filled or not filled, containing alcohol chocolate and chocolate products with cocoa, chocolate candies, filled or not filled, not containing alcohol; sugar confectionery and substitutes therefor made from sugar substitutes, cocoa.

The largest producers of confectionery products in 2016 in Ukraine was the Corporation Roshen President Poroshenko, the Corporation “Biscuit-chocolate” company and brand “AVK”, “Konti”, “World”, “Modelis”, “Svitoch”, “Poltavakonditer”, “Lucas”. Before the election, Poroshenko promised to sell his company, but eventually transferred it in trust management.

Ukraine imposed five-year duties on Russian chocolate 20.05.2017

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