In Ukraine, a dry storage facility for spent nuclear
fuel and 2017 the country will cease to pay Russia $ 200 million
dollars annually for its disposal, said Ukrainian Minister of energy and
the coal industry Igor Nasalik, speaking in Parliament in
the “hour of questions to government”, reports the Kyiv edition “Segodnia”.

“We decided the question of construction of dry storage of spent
nuclear fuel that fully diversifitsirovat disposal. Every year
Ukraine paid $ 200 million for the disposal of spent nuclear
fuel. Starting in 2017, these funds, we will not pay,
because now I have my store,” said Nasalik.

In addition, the Minister noted that the atomic blocks of the country actively
translated from Russian fuel producer TVEL, a part of
the state Corporation “Rosatom”, the fuel of the American company
Westinghouse. “We launched the fifth Zaporizhzhya unit is fully on
the Westinghouse fuel. To date, discusses the program
to 40% of nuclear power units of Ukraine worked at a nuclear fuel
Westinghouse,” – said the Minister.

In August Nasalik said that now “Ukraine is almost 95% receive
nuclear fuel from TVEL, the Russian Federation,” said Ukrainian
edition “Biznestsentr”.
With Westinghouse, the country agreed on the diversification of supplies almost
half of the nuclear units in the state and the construction of the plant
nuclear fuel on the territory of Ukraine. The Minister promised
to diversify the work, called the timing of such a transition.

Stored spent nuclear fuel will be on site
The Chernobyl zone, said earlier Nasalik, noting that the project
will pay for itself in 2-2. 5 years. Now Ukraine exports it to storage in
Russia and pays for it at 150-200 million dollars a year.

With this store Kiev had hoped
to reduce dependence on Russia long before the annexation of Crimea and
the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. At the end of 2005 was signed
agreement with the American company Holtec International development
project of construction of the facility for spent nuclear fuel
Rivne, Khmelnytsky and South-Ukrainian NPP and all the “sources
ionizing radiation” – spent nuclear installation for
energy production, nuclear reactors, x-ray machines, parts
a variety of techniques.

The object was planned
to enter into force in 2012-2013. In 2015
Russian state companies have also shown interest
to participate in the project, but were not even allowed to participate in the contest. In
2015 Ukraine refused from the joint project on construction of a plant
the production of nuclear fuel in the village of Smolino, Kirovograd region
and began searching for other “potential participants” construction.

Ukraine in 2017 will cease to pay Russia for the disposal of nuclear fuel 21.10.2016

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