Ukrainian hackers calling themselves “Cyberhunts”, has published a new array of emails, which they claim was obtained from a hacked e-mail reception office of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

Just as it is of 423 (336 inbound and 87 outbound) messages of the early period (2013-2014), and more recent archives for 2015-2016, reported on the website “junta”.

In letters from email registered in the name of Ivan Ivanov, you can find projects to create Autonomous regions in Ukraine – from Odessa to Kharkov and the scheme of supply of fuel to the DNR through its subsidiary of the Ministry of energy of Russia.

Among the documents there is also, reportedly, estimates of monthly expenses for payment of pensions and maintenance of various government agencies in the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, including the interior Ministry, the courts, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, notes the BBC. Amounts expressed in two currencies – the Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian roubles.

The BBC Russian service reports that among the documents there are estimates music festival in the DNI and LC, and discussion of the script of the film “Volunteers”, the work of the Russian Director Yuri Bykov. From the letters it follows that close to the Kremlin political scientist Oleg Bondarenko proposed to change the name of the movie “the Jacket”.

Also among the documents is a purported plan of Moscow on the federalization of Ukraine. In an Annex to a letter allegedly sent Surkov separatist leader Denis Pushilin in January of this year, contains two maps on which Ukraine is divided into three parts – “the new Russia”, “little Russia” and “Galicia”.

“Correspondence was found a large number of references, lists, and even creative “postcards” from Denis Pushilin. Sent to Surkov and lists of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which are involved in the project of federalization of various regions, draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and more – all require individual consideration,” writes “Cyberhunt”.

Quite a lot of letters in the mail reception Surkov, according to hackers devoted to Kharkov. In particular, as the newspaper writes The Times, “in an email in April of last year sent Surkov, Mikhail Markelov, the Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Parliament on Affairs of public associations (SIC, actually Markelov was the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations. – Approx., sets out a plan of fomenting unrest in Kharkov by creating a Pro-Russian “resistance group” called “citizens ‘ initiative” (translation site InoPressa). In June Markelov has informed that the plan encountered problems, and two weeks later – that many members of the group arrested or fled to Moscow or DNI.

Ukrainian hackers calling themselves “Cyberhunts”, announced the hacking email Surkov on October 24. They claim that they received materials testify that “criminal plans of Putin and his minions in the continuation of the seizure of the Ukrainian territory in Western Ukraine”.

In Kiev published “Cyberhunts” documents recognized as authentic. However, there were skeptics who pointed to a suspicious typographical errors in the documents, allegedly obtained from the electronic box Surkov.

In the Kremlin, commenting on the hackers, called the published material is fake. In addition, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that marmots do not use email.

Ukrainian hackers have published a new array of the letters allegedly received from email Surkov 03.11.2016

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