Ukrainian lawyer filed to the President of Petro Poroshenko a claim with his decree about blocking Russian sites. He hopes to cancel the decision. This novel Likhachev said on his page in Facebook. The message he had attached a photo of the first 14 pages of a lawsuit filed in the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine.

From the message Likhachev, it is unclear on what grounds he demands that the resonant decree. If this post is full of emotional replicas. “I will not condone such lawless and unpunished violation of the rights of citizens, Mr. President. And it’s not in VK and Classmates, etc., it’s in the way to limit freedom. What is tomorrow? Disable think?
To ban breathing? We are a country that is moving to Europe and do something
what makes North Korea. I just can’t understand where and when I
delegated to the state the right to determine what and where I look to, to write
and read,” – writes, in particular, Likhachev.

Poroshenko’s decree from may 15, enacted the NSDC decision of 28 April 2017 “On the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)”. In the sanctions list of Ukraine 1228 individuals and legal 468.
As recalled by TASS, the decision on the sanctions against social networks
“VKontakte” and “Classmates”, “”, “Yandex” and their services. Access to all services of “Yandex” and banned for three years.

Ukrainian lawyer filed for Poroshenko to the court due to locks Russian sites 18.05.2017

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