The leadership of the Ukrainian military reported that the soldiers in the Donbas over the past day were fired 38 times. This is stated in the statement of the press center of power operations at Facebook.

According to the report, in the area of the Town from 18:00 until midnight there have been seven sighting of the mortar attacks of the Ukrainian positions, was released 80 minutes was Also conducted mortar fire on the Ukrainian fortifications near the Sands, Experienced and Luhansk.

From small arms, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the strongholds of the Ukrainian military in the area of zaytsevo, Lugansk, Sand and Novgorod. Small arms were fired at Ukrainian positions in Maryinka and Shirokino, as well as strongholds near Nevel, of the mine Butovka, Trinity and Mayorsk. Direct fire from machine guns was reported in Granite district, noted in the press center.

Representatives of the self-proclaimed LNR also allegations of attacks. At the headquarters of the so-called people’s militia LNR told: “At 20:40 fixed the fire from the direction of Luhansk in the area of the settlement Kalinovka from the automatic easel grenade launcher (AGS) and easel anti-tank grenade launcher (LNG)”.

As transfers RIA “news”in the LC note that it was the only bombardment by Ukrainian security forces for days. Only on the territory of the Republic there were about 70 grenades. “Losses aren’t present”, – specified in a staff.

According to the separatists, they strictly adhere to the “silence mode” and return fire is not open.

In DND believe that the Ukrainian forces are trying
to move into the territory in the area Yasinovatskiy fork to cut off the road to Gorlovka, reports “Interfax”. “Yasinovatskiy fork, there is a tense situation. They try to move inland. During the day there is no one shot, but starting in the evening. There is a filtering station, which provides water to a third of the city, plus the strategic location of this site is important: it covers the movement in Gorlovka, the railroad and the depot”, – said the Deputy corps commander of the army DND Eduard Bacurin.

Ukrainian military and LNR separatists accused each other of shelling 07.03.2016

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