The rector of the Church in the Poltava region of Ukraine allowed visitors to catch pokemon in the St. Nicholas Church. Alexander Dedyukhin in an interview with “Radio Liberty” said that if hundreds of divers one remains in the temple – it will be a success for Orthodoxy. So Dedyukhin reacted to the news of the upcoming trial run Sokolovsky in Yekaterinburg.

Permission to catch pokemon commented on the guidance of his father Alexander, Archbishop of Poltava and Kremenchug Archbishop Theodore in conversation with journalists explained that if the pokemon hid behind the altar, not to go there. But you can ask the priest, so he caught the pokemon.

“I think Sokolowski is not very adequate in some of his statements about the Church. But to arrest him – very stupid. I think that if a person made in the Church something stupid, he can explain that he is wrong. We are also faced with inadequate people in our Church. One day, a drunk pulled a knife on her grandmother, which in him was on duty. We with bully talk and let him go in peace. We never address in such cases, the police use the power of persuasion. The Church needs to solve the difficulties in relations with the population, without resorting to violent resource of a police state. The task of the Church to be the conscience, not one of punishing structures,” Dedyukhin said in an interview with “Freedom”.

The investigation against Ruslan Sokolovsky began after the publication of the them the video, which he plays Pokemon Go in the Temple-on-Blood. Video blogger accused of “insulting the feelings of believers” (part 2 of article 148 of the criminal code) and “inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity” (article 282 of the criminal code).

September 3, the suspect was arrested. 8 Sep Sverdlovsk regional court changed the measure of restraint Sokolowski and decided to release him from jail under house arrestwhere he will await trial. The maximum penalty for sane he counts to five years in prison.

Ukrainian priest was allowed to catch pokemon in his temple 11.09.2016

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