Ukrainian unemployed, activist of the nationalist SERB movement
Alexander Petrunko, oblivio
sulfurous mud of the exhibition “Jock Sturges.
Without embarrassment” in the Center photos behalf of the Lumiere brothers, Zamoskvoretskaya
a Moscow court on Monday, September 26, was sentenced to seven days
administrative arrest for disorderly conduct, reports TASS.

Judge Aleksei Kaveshnikov, announced the sentence, pleaded Petrunko
guilty of petty hooliganism (part 1 of article 20.1 of the administrative code) and appointed
the arrest 13.40 on September 25, reports “Interfax”.

According to reports the police officers who arrested Petrunko, in the Center
picture, he was swearing, not responding to their comments, and poured out
plastic bottle unknown liquid photography in White hall
gallery. His action before the meeting Petrunko explained: “I don’t
see it as bullying, I think it shows the reactions of each
Russian citizen, as this culture we have is not acceptable. But if
still, it’s recognize bullying, I am ready to bear the responsibility”.

The judge he said that he has been guilty of misconduct, but acted “at the behest
civil debt”. He claims that he was asked several times to remove
some of the pictures, was calm, did not resist and
did not say any obscene words.

Hydrogen sulfide urine or dirt?

Part of the speech Petrunko in the center of the photo
recorded on video, which is posted on the channel of movement of the SERB in
YouTube: “A European culture we are not looking. Gomosyatinu
brought and pedophilia,” said drove from photographs Petrunko, making emphasis in the word “pedophilia” on the third syllable.

According to Petrunko, the liquid, which he poured, was a medical
mud from the Crimea. Journalists present at the exhibition, in particular correspondent
“Mohanty”, who witnessed the incident, claimed that the fluid had
the characteristic smell of urine. However, Petrunko insists that it is not urine.

In an interview to television channel Life activist said that it was “water with hydrogen sulfide”, where he was treated for “broken” heel. “I showed their civic position, seeing pictures of naked kids. Of course, not all the pictures were there from
naked children, but in any case, 15 per cent was to bare children,” said Petrunko.

He stressed that poured only “cause” of photography in which
saw the children’s erotica. In the same interview, he diagnosed the visitors of the exhibition Jock Sturges: “The
different baby naked on the beach! – approx. from
the baby in the picture naked? Explain briefly: when we go to the beach
we are going to get pleasure from the sea, from the sun, we do not look at
the naked child. Everyone who comes to look at these pictures, they
indirectly are, pardon the expression, a pedophile.”

The movement of SERB – intimidante, “very at ease feel

Petrunko party so-called “Russian liberation
traffic SERB
(stands for South East Radical Block, South East
Radical Block). He is a member of the Centre for Museum pedagogics
Svetoch, and is also a volunteer of the campaign “School of the Moscow schools
New Russia”.

The biographical information that tell about him to the media, is contradictory.
writes that Petrunko – unemployed citizen of Ukraine, native
Rostov region, has two children 24 and 25. According to the source
The “news”
, Petrunko was born in the Crimea, in Kerch, and he’s 34

As stated on the website
CMP “torch”, the activities of the centre aimed at “strengthening and
the development of spiritual-moral and heroic-Patriotic education
the younger generation, the preservation and development of museums, educational
institutions.” One of the stated objectives is the creation of
“the all-Russian non-state methodological center
Patriotic education of students.

SERB nationalist movement positioning itself as a “Russian
liberation movement, sharpened on really radical, active
action.” As told the Russian opposition activist,
organizer of anti-war pickets in Moscow Olga Kurnosova in an interview with “Gromadska
, it was formed in the spring of 2014 in Dnepropetrovsk
people who tried to protest against the Maidan and the resignation
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych then fled to Russia. It
characterized members of the movement as “the escaped fragments of the anti-Maidan,
very feel at ease in Moscow and with impunity
to do with the massacre in the capital.

According to Kurnosova, “the Russians who support Putin, are beginning
tired of his Patriotic hysteria, therefore, involves
Ukrainian Maidan protesters, since to find the same greyhounds Russians

Members of this movement, in particular, was marked in may 2015 that
hung at the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov insulting posters in
address policy, saying: “We will not allow that in the center of Moscow bridge
called the name of the person who had always supported the interests of America
and spit on the interests of Russia” (to quote the website , “Iodine”). SERB
participated, for example, in a “unity March” on 4 November 2014 and
the concert-rally in honor of the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, 18
March 2015.

In Kharkiv, according to media reports, Petrunko is wanted, and in Russia
is a social assistant municipal Deputy.
Igor Brumel from the party “Fair Russia”. Brumel describe yourself and
Petrunko as “Champions of family values”. It Brumel is the author of the video posted above.

The Exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” in the Center of the Lumiere brothers was opened on 8 September and closed on 25 September, after the entrance is blocked
activists of the organization “Officers of Russia”.
Senator Elena Mizulina through the media demanded to close the project, accusing organizers of “public demonstration of child pornography”. Criticized the exhibition and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova. The head of the security Commission
The public chamber of Anton Tsvetkov visited the exhibition, said that she
offensive to victims of pedophilia.

Ukrainian, salaparako mud pictures Jock Sturges in Moscow, arrested for 7 days 27.09.2016

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