About 250 million people in the world use drugs at least once a year, among them 30 million the system of drug addicts, reports “Interfax” with reference to Executive Director of the office on drugs and crime United Nations Yuri Fedotov.

“Today in the world a quarter of a billion people use
drugs, including those who do it as an experiment once in
year. Of these people 30 million are included in the problem category are those who
suffering from drug addiction and related diseases”, – he noted
lecture in the framework of St. Petersburg international legal
forum on Thursday.

According to him, drug use is growing in proportion to the population
planet. “We can say that the current system counter
drug trafficking works. However, we can not achieve
reducing drug use,” – said Fedotov.

Each year, the drug in the world dies of up to 200 thousand people.
11.5 million people inject drugs. From
them 52% are infected With hepatitis C, 14% – HIV, said the UN representative.

“Despite all the efforts, we are seeing the growth of crops in all
producing regions. The dividing line between countries that
produce drugs, countries of transit and countries of consumption. All this
turns dealers into one big drug market”, – he added.

On the eve of the Ministry of health and the Center for prevention and control of AIDS released its statistics on the number of HIV-infected Russians, broke in these almost 17 thousand people. The Ministry of health so substantial difference explained the disadvantages of laboratory monitoring.

In mid-July 2016, the UN announcedthat the global HIV epidemic has finally gone into decline, but may be renewed from-for sharp growth in the number of infected people in Russia. Expressed the opinion that “citadel infection” Russia did years of ignoring the problem and lack of government support the distribution of clean needles and condoms to drug addicts.

In 2014, the Federal drug control service reportedthat Russia’s addicts spend every day for the satisfaction of their needs 4.5 billion rubles, which is 1.5 trillion and exceeds the budget of the Ministry of defence. In 2016 the Federal drug control service was abolishedand its functions transferred to the Ministry of interior and the new structure of Regardie. In the first years Regardie reported on the elimination of about 25 kg of drugs, passed TASS.

In February of this year, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev reported that the proportion of drug-related crimes total number of crimes in 2016, when the Federal drug control service was liquidated, remained at the same level as in 2015, and amounted to 9.4%. The number of investigated drug crimes committed by group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, increased by 3.6%, crime by 4.5 per cent.

However, Kolokoltsev admitted that compared with year 2015 to 2016, the number of drug seizures decreased by 13 tons from 34 tons to 21 tons. He explained that the reform process of the Ministry. Thus, according to him, during the counting of seized drugs was not subject to any manipulation with the weight and quality of drugs.

UN counted in the world 250 million people who inject drugs and only 30 million drug addicts 18.05.2017

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