The correspondent of the edition “Fontanka” Denis Korotkov, who uncovered the “carousel” in precinct election Commission (PEC) N616 St. Petersburg in the elections of September 18, is accused of illegally obtaining ballots in order to vote for the other person.

As reported by “Fontanka”, on Wednesday, September 28, justice of the peace 71 of the third section will consider the Protocol under part 2 of article 5.22 of the Code of administrative offences (“Illegal issuance and receipt of the ballot”), composed of police Ministry of internal Affairs of the Kirov area.

“Fontanka” wrote that Denis Korotkov September 18, the assignment went to the PEC N616, in order to understand the scheme of “roundabout”. Then supporters of the candidate from the Party of Growth Dmitry Pavlov told the newspaper that a resident of the city with a special mark in the passport – sticker “84” – in the Kirov district may vote on two dozen sites, regardless of the place of registration.

The work of the “carousel” was organized by “brigadiers”. They reported that everyone can earn money if you come to certain areas and vote for the candidate in the state Duma Vitaly Milonov and Denis Chetyrbok elected to the Legislative Assembly.

According to the newspaper, the instructors handed out route sheets with the numbers of the PEC and the that “karuselschiki” was to call the members of the Commission before receiving a ballot. Passport were given special stickers for identification. Voters need to send supervisors through messengers photo newsletter.

Denis Korotkov on own experience was convinced, that the scheme proposed by the violators of the law, works. 616 Wick on Leninsky Prospekt, he, as spelled out in the Frunze district, showed a passport with a sticker and got four of the newsletter.

After the journalist had tried to return the ballot papers and demanded an explanation, the Commission scandal. Issuing the Bulletin, a member of the wick immediately disappeared, and to school on Leninsky Prospekt, the police were called.

Korotkova was arrested and taken to the 64th police Department. Against the correspondent was drawn up a Protocol on administrative offence, after which he was released.

Later “Fontanka” found out that the ballots illegally, the citizen of Ukraine who was not a member of the PEC. The publication wrote that we are talking about 31-year-old Natalia Machine, which operates in the Northern capital Barber.

Uncover “carousel” in the elections in St. Petersburg the correspondent of “Fontanka” will be judged 27.09.2016

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