Archaeologists working in Jerusalem with the restoration of the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Holy Sepulchre, has published a video with footage of a moving marble slabs that protected the burial place of Christ. As transfers RIA “news”, under it found a large number of stones.

Scientists now we have to figure out how to look “original surface of the stone, which, according to legend, was laid the body of Christ.” It is expected that the study would have originally looked like the tomb of Jesus.

In the Russian Orthodox Church was sympathetic to the archaeological works in the Shrine erected over the Holy Sepulchre. Deputy Chairman of the Synodal missionary Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, hegumen Serapion (Mitko) saidthat the Church “has always regarded with deep understanding to the desire of people to learn more, because the capacity to understand the world inherent in human Creator.”

“People have a particular curiosity, and she, of course, stems from the ability to understand the world that God gave us. Man wants to know, especially people interested in how did Saint Helen when I was looking for the Holy sepulchre and the true cross, representing Jesus’s tomb. And it is impossible to forbid people to know,” added the Abbot Serapion, stressing: “But we remember – although not always say it publicly, that the primary purpose of human is to know God, which is in our hearts.”

27 Oct archaeologists removed the marble slab, which was established in 1555, with a stone funerary bed of Christ. “The marble facing was removed and we were surprised at the amount of material under it,” – said the archaeologist of the National geographic society Fredrick hibert.

Restoration specialists of Athens national technical University, the staff of the University of Florence, as well as experts from Armenia. According to the plan in the Edicule must be reinforced structure, updated the joints, replaced the damaged fragments of stone veneer. The decoration will also clear from the stratified soot. Funded by all the owners of the rights to the Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian Apostolic Church.

The word “Edicule” comes from a Greek word koubouklion, which is translated as “bedchamber”. She looks like a chapel from the yellow-pink marble with an area of six by eight metres. It was erected over the Holy Sepulchre and the so-called chapel of the angel, sitting on the stone rolled away from the door of the sepulchre, the angel Gabriel announcing Christ’s resurrection to the myrrh-bearers. For believers this is a particularly Holy place.

Under a marble slab in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to protect the burial stone of Christ, found many fragments (VIDEO) 28.10.2016

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