Investigators of the Arkhangelsk region opened a criminal case on the fact of arson of a house in the village of Puksoozero Plesetsk district. It soon turned out that the fire was started by three drunk local woman taking revenge on her rival in the struggle for male attention.

The investigators intend to achieve in court the arrest of three of the detained women, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to investigators, on 2 December 2015 in the evening, the ill-minded woman, being in an alcohol intoxication, has decided out of resentment to burn local resident with her house.

“The suspects propped the front door to the house from the outside, depriving residents of the opportunity to leave the room, put them under the front door rags, paper and set them on fire with a cigarette lighter,” – said in a press release.

After the wooden door of the house and the porch began to burn, podzhigatelnitsa fled the scene of the crime. However, tragedy was avoided, because a bystander spotted the threat the burning of wooden structures and extinguished the fire.

After the arrest the suspects confessed to the crime. “During interrogation the women said alcohol and hostility to the victim that “privative” men. Initially, they wanted to beat the victim, but she came to him, after which they decided to set fire to the house”, – explained in the Department of RF IC.

Investigation is conducted by employees of the Department of the RF IC BUT at peace. A defendant charged with part 3 of article 30, paragraph “e, f, g” of part 2 of article 105 (“Attempted murder committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, with extreme prejudice, publicly dangerous method”) of the criminal code.

Under the Archangel drunk person tried to burn alive a woman who “privative” men 29.12.2015

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