Mass grave of beheaded about 100 civilians were discovered to the South of Mosul. About it reports CNN with reference to the statement of the Iraqi army.

The remains of Iraqis were found in the locality of hamman-al-Alil that government forces on Monday, November 7, repulsed the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, is prohibited in Russia). Hammam-al-Alil is situated 30 km South of Mosul. The Iraqi army has linked graves to the criminal actions of militants.

In early November, the UN stated that in Mosul, the militants took hostage 1600 civilians and used them as human shields during aerial bombardment carried out by Iraqi forces with international coalition forces led by the United States.

Mosul was captured by the militants in 2014. On 17 October, the Iraqi army together with troops of the Iraqi Kurdistan region launched an operation to liberate the city. As stated by the commander of the police of the Republic of Raed shaker, quoted by TASS, at this time, the security forces approached to a distance of 5 km South from the international airport of Mosul and continue the offensive.

Under the Mosul found a mass grave of beheaded more than 100 people 08.11.2016

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