In the Vologda area criminal case upon murder of four persons in the village Novoselovo of Babayevsky district. There at the scene of a fire discovered the bodies of two men, the woman and the juvenile child. Another victim managed to escape.

The suspect in the arson set, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC. It was them 45-the summer husband of the victim who acted out of jealousy.

According to investigators, 16 November 2015 from 19:00 to 20:30 45-year-old suspect, 28-year-old woman and three men aged 41, 28 and 23 years was in the kitchen in one of the houses in Novosinkovo. During the drinking of alcohol is the senior from men was jealous of the cohabitant to two companions and decided to kill them.

“Realizing that the house also there is a boy of seven, helpless” the attacker waited until his “opponents” fell asleep. After that he, “acting with particular cruelty, poured over the room the hallway of the house with gasoline and igniting it, blocking the exit from the house.”

Making sure that after the arson there was a fire in the hallway and its household items, the man left the scene. “As a result of ignition and uncontrolled burning were in the house woman, child and two men were killed, 23-year-old young man managed to escape,” – said in a press release.

The flame was noticed by the neighbors who called the fire Department. The ignition worked 20 people and eight units of equipment, informs the official website of the regional EMERCOM.

The suspect, who fled the scene, managed to detain on the way to your home or office, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. It is known that 45-year-old man and his 28-year-old wife came to work in the farm together with the seven-year child. They lived in a wooden house N4 outside of Work.

Staff Ustyuzhna Interdistrict investigation Department of the RF IC opened a criminal case under paragraph “a, b, d” part 2 article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two and more persons, as well as infant, obviously in a helpless state, committed with special cruelty”).

Under the Tucson jealous arsonist killed four people, including his wife and 7-year-old child 17.11.2015

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