The world heritage centre of UNESCO has asked the Russian authorities and
national Commission for UNESCO till 1 December to submit a report on
how to take into account the recommendations of this organization during the installation of the monument
to Prince Vladimir on the Borovitskaya square in Moscow, told RBC
the employee of the sector for external relations UNESCO in Paris Victoria

In a letter to the Director of the world heritage Centre Mechthild Ressler
contains questions, in particular, about the height of the monument, said Kalinin.
The answer is not obtained, as assured in the Ministry of culture, the report is.

The last time the monument to Prince Vladimir was discussed in April of this year
in Moscow, at the meeting, Deputy General Director of UNESCO, Francesco
Bandarin with Russian officials. Next round of consultations between officials
The Ministry of culture with representatives of UNESCO, may be continued in
Paris at the end of October this year, said the Agency Director
Department of state protection of cultural heritage Ministry of culture
Mr Representative.

Despite the ongoing consultations with UNESCO, the Russian government and
The Russian military historical society (RVIA) has begun installation of
monument on a pre-planned schedule. Preparatory work
back in August, and on the night of 16 October on Borovitskaya square, have already started to mount the monument, scheduled to open on the Day
the people’s unity, November 4.

A special box, which now covers the monument will be dismantled on November 3, a few hours before the solemn opening of the monument, told TASS Executive Director of RVIO Vladislav Kononov.

“The installation of the monument goes according to plan. The monument was erected on a pedestal, as workers have already established the cross to the place of installation brought separately from the sculpture of the Prince. Now comes the preparation part of the cloak, which was also delivered separately,” – said Kononov.

“We refused from the idea to hang a monument to the canvas, as is usually done, due to the fact that its size and weight can be very large. Probably we will close the special shields only the pedestal of the monument,” – said Kononov.

Earlier, the author of the sculpture, people’s artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov, reported that the installation of the monument may take three or four days, after which you will need at least five days for processing welded seams and create a patina, which will protect against corrosion.

The height of the monument was one of the main parameters not acceptable
Commission of UNESCO. First, it was assumed that he would have
a height of 25 meters, in April, the Representative reported that the height of the monument is reduced
up to 16 meters, the same height called Salavat Shcherbakov,
stating that 16 metres is the height of the sculpture, and the 1.5 height

In June, the permanent representative of Russia to UNESCO Eleonora Mitrofanova
that last sentence about reducing the size of the monument and
the design arrangement of the space around him in the organization
“perceived positive”.

In comments to RBC the Representative mentioned that the height of the pedestal was
reduced to 17.5 metres, including the length of the four-meter cross and
said that the Russian side “to fully implement the recommendations
The world heritage centre, since the adjustment of parameters
height of the monument, ending with plans for improvement
the adjacent territory.”

The official assured that the Russian authorities have completed an
the recommendation of the world heritage Centre to carry out improvement
Borovitskaya square and announce this international competition. In April
2015 chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov said that
the winner of the competition landscaping has become the architectural Bureau Ai
Аrchitects. The project, according to Kuznetsov, is an allusion
the shape of the waves, and he is made of stone.

UNESCO has demanded to report on the implementation of the recommendations for the installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir 18.10.2016

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