Failure over the operation in Omsk on search at the bottom of the Irtysh unique guns during the Civil war, presumably belonging to the white army of Admiral Alexander Kolchak.

Divers four days explored the river bottom in the area of elite cottage settlement “Near dacha” in the Oktyabrsky district, where a few years ago that gun was allegedly found by a group of enthusiasts led by Amateur archaeologist Vladimir Kasatkin, who along with city Council of veterans has initiated the retrieval of the gun on the surface, reports the Agency “Omsk-the inform”.

The assurances of researchers, the gun is about 100 years old and most likely shot it the last time during the Civil war, when Omsk was the “white” capital of Russia.

26 Sep divers have begun the search for this gun, which is the first day of operation, advertised to city hall, the report says. Later the gun was planned to be placed in the Museum.

The operation has caught the attention of local journalists. But in the end, four days divers raised from the bottom of the Irtysh river, just a lot of metal and other stuff, but no gun was found.

On the first day of searches on the surface with the help of specially imported river crane lifted two metal items, one of which initially was mistaken for a gun, reported RIA “Superock”.

The Irtysh looking for rarity gun of the Civil war. While it was possible to find such

Unique “gun Kolchak”, advertised by the municipality of Omsk, was looking and found at the bottom of the Irtysh 29.09.2016

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