Monuments to St. Prince Alexander Nevsky will be installed along the borders of Russia. The event will conclude in 2021, the 800th anniversary of the Prince, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Rostov branch of “United Russia”.

One of the monuments will appear in the Park of the village Matveev Kurgan
In Rostov region. There was the laying of the cornerstone of the monument, which
located between the temple and the communal grave of the liberators of the area.

On the website of the regional branch of United Russia reportedthat the Nevsky monument was laid by the district Administration head Alexander Rudkovsky and Director of “the Holy Lavra of Orthodox Russia” Vladimir Berezovsky. “This is not just a tribute to the great past, but also a call to us and our descendants to protect Russia, to strengthen the unity of its people!” said Rudkovsky.

The press release doesn’t say who is funding the installation of a monument and how many of them will be “places of military glory”.

Alexander Nevsky is one of the controversial figures in Russian history. Among his feats of arms – the battle of the Ice against the Livonian knights. The day of battle – April 18, according to the new calendar – is celebrated as the Day of military glory. Historian Igor Danilevsky pointed out on a modest scale historical battles, which became the “calling card” of St. Petersburg. After the death of his father, Grand Prince Yaroslav, Alexander went to pay homage to the Horde to the Mongolian military leader Batu. According to the will of Yaroslav, Prince Vladimir was supposed to be the brother of Alexander, Andrew, but Alexander became the sole ruler of the Russian lands.

United Russia want to decorate the border of the monument to Alexander Nevsky 13.11.2016

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