Two unidentified men threw a grenade into the building of the French Embassy in Athens. As reported by the French newspaper Le Monde, the incident occurred early Thursday morning, November 10. As a result of incident one person was injured.

The attackers drove past the Embassy, located in the city centre on a bike. According to police, thrown them in building the explosive device is likely to be a hand grenade. It exploded on the sidewalk, injuring one of the policemen guarding the Embassy.

Media sources report that he received a slight leg injury and was taken to the hospital. Currently his life is not in danger. The Embassy itself was not damaged, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the explosion was not strong, but the sound from it was heard in the centre of Athens. Shortly after the explosion the area around the Embassy was cordoned off by the police. The investigation leads the anti-terrorist unit. While the responsibility for an event anybody on itself did not take. However, the police suspects in the attack of local anarchists. Investigators also do not exclude that the reason for the attack was the greetingaddressed to the leader of the extreme right French party “national front” marine Le Pen, the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump.

The Greek government has called the attack on the French Embassy in Athens by the terrorist attack. “The Greek government condemns the attack on the Embassy of the French Republic and expresses its support for the police officer who was wounded in the attack,” – said the official representative of the government of Greece Dimitris Tzanakopoulos (quoted by TASS).

He noted that “the Greek police will carry out its task of identifying the perpetrators, and guarantees the protection of all citizens.” “Such terrorist acts can not affect the friendship and solidarity in relations between Greece and France”, – said the representative of the government.

Unknown attackers threw a grenade into the building of the Embassy of France in Athens 10.11.2016

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