Unknown young man poured fuel and set himself on fire in the Commonwealth Bank building on the South-East of Melbourne in Australia. Firefighters arrived on the scene within fifteen minutes, however, they are not immediately able to get inside the Bank dropped the armored shutters. 27 people were injured, six of them are in hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses say the fire was preceded by a loud explosion. Witness Ashley Atkin-Fon looked at the sound and saw black smoke that billowed from the building. “This guy ran, he was on fire. Blood everywhere. A few minutes I was in shock, and then ran across the road, grabbed the fire extinguisher in the shop, and we again began to extinguish the fire,” he told ABC News.

Police have confirmed the Sydney Morning Heraldthat the fire was preceded by an explosion, and unknown, who set himself on fire, used some kind of flammable liquid. The publication notes that the firefighters took only 90 seconds to reach the scene, however, security shutters prevented the rescuers to get to is locked inside people.

Culprit, which, according to The Australian, 21 years old, is in hospital under the supervision of the police. Service law enforcement has not yet decided whether to qualify his actions as terrorism.

On a scene worked about 25 ambulance crews. Most of the victims were poisoned by combustion products. Among people who suffered serious burns, was a child and 80-year-old man.

Commonwealth Bank fire in Springvale. Looks like an explosion? pic.twitter.com/rAYZGAgsC7

Unknown persons set fire to themselves in the building of the Bank in Melbourne, 27 people were injured 18.11.2016

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