The Bank of Russia estimates the actual costs of banks and companies for September-December 2015 at $ 35 billion.

“According to the Bank of Russia, from 61 billion of the total amount of payments on external debt of banks and non-financial organizations, including the principal debt and interest attributable to the period from September to December 2015, the actual charges for this period can be up to 35 billion dollars.

The balance is accounted for by intra-group payments and liabilities with a high probability of rollover and refinancing. This estimate is based on historical data and the results of a survey of the largest companies”, – stated in the messagecontroller.

On the basis of data on international investment positions and operating data about the assets and liabilities of credit institutions, banking sector and non-financial organizations have accumulated foreign assets in liquid form in a volume of about 135 billion dollars. Net income in the current account of the balance of payments (balance), which are also a source of funds to repay the external debt, according to Bank of Russia will be when the price of oil is $ 60 per barrel 28 billion, at a price of 50 per barrel – about 25 billion and at a price of $ 40 per barrel – about $ 20 billion.

From the overall limit set by the Bank of Russia refinancing operations in foreign currency in the amount of 50 billion, the unused balance is about $ 14 billion.

Thus, the Bank of Russia does not forecast excess demand in the foreign exchange market in connection with the upcoming payments on its foreign debt. The Central Bank also predicts no significant outflow of portfolio investments and the increased demand for foreign currency to make payments under import contracts.

Until December banks and companies will have to pay $ 35 billion 11.08.2015

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