The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley urged Russia to recognize the “horrors of the Syrian regime”. This is stated in the released statement, U.S. permanent representative to the international organization.

“Declassified statements issued today by the Department of state for the atrocities committed in Syria, clearly shows how the regime (Syrian President Bashar) Assad systematically and brutally terrorized its own people,” – said in a statement. Attempt to hide mass murder in “the crematorium Assad” recalls the worst crimes of the twentieth century against humanity, said Haley.

“While Assad bears primary responsibility for his cruelty, his allies in Russia and Iran has also imposed a heavy burden. Russia and Iran would allow Assad to carry out abductions, torture, punishment without trial, airstrikes, attacks by barrel bombs and chemical weapons,” – said in a statement. Haley stresses that the rest of the world “realized what horrors does the Syrian regime”. “The time has come for Russia to join us,” concluded the Ambassador.

Review Hayley was circulated after the statements of the US state Department that, according to us authorities, Syrian prison Saydnaya, located 30 kilometers North of Damascus, were killed every day for 50 prisoners, and their bodies were burned in specially built crematoria to hide traces of crimes.

In the UN Secretariat declined to comment on the allegations of the American side about alleged killings in a Syrian prison, notes TASS. At the same time the official representative of the Secretary-General of the world organization Stefan Dujarric recalled that in the course of speeches in the Security Council, UN officials have repeatedly drawn attention to the difficulties faced by detainees in Syria. He also stressed the importance of bringing to justice all perpetrators of human rights violations in Syria.

US Ambassador to the UN called on Russia to recognize the “horrors of the Syrian regime” 16.05.2017

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