The us drone carried out a reconnaissance flight near the Crimea, reports “Interfax” with reference to data tracking military flights. Also, the unit flew over the territory of Ukraine, having the opportunity of exploration over the Donbas.

Flew the drone of the U.S. air force RQ-4 Global Hawk, coming to the Crimea from the Black sea and Ukraine. The machine took off from Sigonella airbase in Sicily. The flight was at high altitude. Initially, the UAV flew to the Crimea from the West side of the Black sea at a height of 15.5 thousand meters, and then entered the airspace of Ukraine at the coast of the Nikolaev area, continued flight to the East from Kherson to Melitopol, carrying out exploration to the North of the Peninsula.

“Interfax” specifies, that given the capabilities of reconnaissance to a depth of 300 km drone RQ-4 Global Hawk could also observe the Donbass from the district of Melitopol. According to reports, just 15 km North of Melitopol, he walked up to 217 km to the demarcation line near Donetsk.

On the way back, a us drone flew over Kirovograd and Vinnitsa regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

According to open sources, the unit can patrol for 30 hours, being at a height of 15-18 meters.

In the last few weeks has dramatically increased the intensity of the flights of American reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian border, in particular, near the coast of the Crimea and the Russian bases in Syria and the areas of deployment of combat ships of the Russian Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean. Recorded almost daily up to two to three and more such flights.

US drone scouted off the coast of Crimea 16.10.2016

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