The United States presidential election, which began on the morning of November 8, local time, in full swing. However, the first exit polls, which would at least roughly assess the success of Hillary Clinton and Donald trump, will be about 02:00 Moscow time. Meanwhile, all the world’s media carefully describe the electoral process, which startles the tramp – he’s already complained about the alleged untimely closure sites in Nevada – one of the key States, but his claim has already been rejected by the local court.

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton came to the polling station in Westchester County in new York with her husband, former President bill Clinton and voted. Later his voice ordered and rival of the former first lady of the country – the American billionaire Donald trump, reports CNN.

Areas on the East coast of the United States, particularly in new York, opened at 06:00 local time (14:00 GMT). Shortly after the polling station arrived, the Clintons, there in new York voted and the tramp, accompanied by his wife Melania.

Both candidates spend election day in new York: after the announcement of the first results, Clinton will speak to supporters in exhibition center Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and trump is watching the voting process at the New York Hilton Midtown, marks the channel.

The first exit polls will be available after 02:00 Moscow time. The first report Indiana, where, according to forecasts, trump will win. But Indiana is only 11 electoral votes of the 270 needed for victory. Meanwhile, according to Real Clear Politics, which monitors more than 100 different public opinion polls at the Federal and local levels, Clinton is ahead of trump by an average 3.2% with a score of 46.8 per cent, Donald trump, in turn, gaining 43.6 per cent.

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party in the TV channel Fox News said that he had not decided whether he will accept the results of elections by the Tuesday night. Trump also expressed hope that “elections will be held very smoothly.”

According to the preliminary to the exit poll, most voters are opposed to candidates or to both of them, however dislikes the. are more common.

Meanwhile, journalists drew attention to the fact that during the voting process trump reason, was spying on his wife Melania, who voted in a booth on his left. In social networks began to spread jokes about the fact that American billionaire or tried to tell the wife who to vote for, or he wanted to ask for advice on how to use the newsletter.

Either Trump doesn’t trust her, or he’s trying to work out how to vote

US election: Clinton and trump voted in polling stations in new York 09.11.2016

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