Us intelligence launched a secret satellite. The launch happened with the US air force base Vandenberg in California, the satellite NROL-42 launched into orbit by the rocket Atlas V. the Satellite is working in the interests of National control of military space exploration (novcr), his mission is not explained. On successful start, citing the company United Launch Alliance says the AP.

Originally the launch was scheduled for Friday but was postponed at the last minute because of the need to replace the battery in the upper stage media, notes TASS.

Information about the cargo and equipment of the satellite was not disclosed, and terms of its operation, goals and objectives. According to novcr, NROL-42 is designed to detect potential threats to national interests of the United States.

According to the online resource SpaceFlight, aboard the device can be a device HEO-4 (“HEO-4″), which is equipped with infrared sensors, allowing to conduct surveillance on certain objects on the Ground. According to specialists of the resource, the main purpose of NROL-42 is operative to record rocket launches in the Northern hemisphere. Including in Iran and North Korea’s missile program which cause extreme concern of the United States.

The start Sunday was the seventh in a row at ULA this year and the 121st since the founding of the company in 2006.

US intelligence put into orbit a secret satellite 24.09.2017

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