Us intelligence has warned the anti-terrorist services of possible attacks, which can make the militants “al-Qaeda” the day before the election, said Friday the TV channel CBS , citing its own sources.

Warning, according to the source, the received power of the States of new York, Texas and Virginia.

The government reacted to the threat of possible terrorist attacks very seriously, despite the fact that, according to sources, the intelligence is still evaluating the information.

Specific places that can become targets of possible terrorist attacks, the channel said.

“The FBI, working in conjunction with Federal and colleagues in the field, exchange intelligence information on a daily basis and will continue to work closely with law enforcement and the intelligence community to identify and prevent any potential threats to public safety,” – said in this regard, the channel representative of the FBI.

The office noted that the threat is not specific, so the government is still conducting its assessment.

Later, the representative of the office of air and sea ports of the States of new York and new Jersey told Reuters before the election that the number of key facilities of the new York infrastructure, including airports, security measures. In addition, to the streets of the metropolis withdrawn additional police patrols.

The representative of the Ministry of national security of the United States told reporters: “Our anxiety about the fact that violent extremists might be inspired to conduct attacks within the United States unabated”. According to him, Americans should assume that in coming days they will see “increased presence of security forces and law and order in public places”.

In addition, this issue was raised at the press briefing, which was conducted by the official representative of the White house aboard the presidential airliner during his travels around the country. The transcripts yet, but, according to us media reports, the reporters assured that the authorities are not asleep.

US intelligence warned the authorities of several States about the threat of terrorist attacks on the eve of elections 04.11.2016

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