The us authorities through diplomatic and government channels, and appealed to the Israeli authorities demanding to provide explanations on the reason presented to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev unmanned helicopter.

According to the newspaper Haaretz, which cites a senior Israeli official in Washington about the transfer of Medvedev techniques learned from publications in the media. The publication explains that requirements clarification is caused, in particular, the fact that the United States imposed sanctions against Moscow, prohibiting in particular any transfer of dual-use technologies. And as you know, Israel is one of the closest allies and strategic partners of the United States.

Allegedly, the requests from the American side entered the Ministry of defense, Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of agriculture of Israel, as well as the government adviser on national security.

Unmanned helicopter Medvedev last week gave the Minister of agriculture of Israel, URI Ariel. We are talking about the Sniper drone manufactured by the Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems, which belonged to the agricultural Institute Volcano. As reported, the staff of the Institute did not expect the Minister to such generosity and tried to talk him out of a gift, but Ariel was adamant and promised to buy another helicopter Institute.

Experts, commenting on the gift, noted that the UAV Sniper is a dual-purpose system and can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

Soon it became clearthat the research helicopter went to Medvedev without remote control and system management, without which the camera is a useless toy. It was suggested that the equipment was removed and hid the employees ‘Volcano’, which objected to the giving away of the property of the Institute.

In turn, the newspaper “Israel a-Yom”, which translates article NEWSru Israel, argues that the drone before sending Medvedev lost also “any defense technology”: it was removed with an infrared camera and other specialized equipment.

“Israel a-Yom” quoted the words of the men of the Ariel, accusing the leadership Institute’s “Volcano” in an attempt to “manipulation and fraud” to prevent the transfer Medvedev expensive gift and to discredit the actions of Ariel.

Earlier media speculated that the awkward situation that arose after the departure of Dmitry Medvedev, could lead to a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Russia, which, in turn, may result in the cancellation of the billion-dollar agreement on cooperation in the field of agriculture, which was signed last week. As noted, donated helicopter costs about 645 thousand dollars, while a signed contract is estimated at 42 billion dollars.

US urges Israel’s explanations about the donated Medvedev unmanned helicopter without remote 17.11.2016

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